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Reviews for Dark Coil

morrigan 2006.07.08 - 09:46PM 13: Chapter 13 Signed
I am loving this story. It's beautifully written, very gripping and has a wonderful blend of tension and humour. Olivia is a great character - and, no, I didn't see the Brid goddess thing coming - tho I probably should have. The scene with Voldemort was truly scary - which is a real achievement, because usually when people start describing him he loses power - and that goes for JKR too. Snape falling foul of the police is a great idea - but - the METRO-POLICE? who? sounds like a city from Batman! No, No, and thrice No! The pigs, the Fed, The Law, the Old Bill, the Filth, the Plod, but NEVER 'Metro Police'. And in fairness to The Met - despite the sad and shocking event on the tube in London last July - they are very seldom armed outside of Westminster - and don't shoot suspects without warning. (never thought I'd be defending the honour of the boys in blue). Here endeth the Brit-Pic'. Looking forward to the rest of this fab story.

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