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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

tolisamarie 2011.07.30 - 02:05AM 8: Hot Chocolate Signed
What a great writer! This is a perfect "in character Snape". The one thing I don't like about it is that the plain "Jane" heroine is fat (150 lbs at least, Snape comments...)?? and a squib. Why make her a fat, powerless woman?

tangerine dream 2011.02.20 - 05:38PM 8: Hot Chocolate Signed
This is a wonderful story!! I am completely hooked and cannot wait to read more!!

whitehound 2006.07.29 - 10:51AM 8: Hot Chocolate Anonymous
Very nicely written, although I'm not sure I believe in Snape being prejudiced against Squibs - given his scathoing comments about "foolish wand-waving", and the fact that he seems to get on OK with Filch.

Floris 2006.07.22 - 12:29AM 8: Hot Chocolate Signed
Very nice!

greenwood 2006.07.20 - 07:14PM 8: Hot Chocolate Signed
This was a really interesting and delightfull chapter. I loved the banter between Severus and Jane. I am really curious about what Severs saw in Jane's eyes...although I can guess! I love this story - it is so funny. Keep it coming.

Deeble 2006.07.20 - 07:10AM 8: Hot Chocolate Signed
Aha! Excellent. I can't wait to see how this progresses.

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