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Reviews for Reincantation

justme 2006.07.22 - 03:32PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
What an insane idea...bringing about much thought of the past, future and beyond...hell it seems might have been better. But it poses the question, just where IS everyone else, and how do they forget the loop?

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment, justme. To answer your question, it's just Harry and Snape powering the whole thing with their memories of what happened, like in a pensieve, but more solid-seeming. Everyone else, except Voldemort, has long ago died. It's probably not explained too well in the story; I had problems as I wanted the horror elements not to be overpowered by logic, lol! Snape remembers when he gets there because he was in on Dumbledore's plan and has a month in Limbo before Harry gets there to remember it all again. Harry has just been "killed", so is rather disoriented and has no memory at first, and of course his "death" brings the time loop to it's returning point, so he only has perhaps half an hour or so to grasp the idea before he's flung back to his own infancy. I hope that explains things a bit better! Bests, Alison

memory 2006.07.19 - 08:09AM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
I'm glad to join the chorus. This story is really particular, intriguing, scaring and a million other definitions. How would it be beautiful if they could take advantage of their forced time in Limbo and forget their mutual hate... Well, at least Snape seems to have learned something. This story reminds me some of the best Asimov's ideas. Congratulations for writing it and thanks for sharing. Hope for something similar coming soon... But not so anguishing! Best regards from Italy.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for that - compared to Asimov, I'm overwhelmed! If you like horror, I've got another on Ashwinder that might appeal: it's called "Work in Progress". I've got a few on Ashwinder, and then, there's a complete list of my HP stories on Petulant Poetess. I must admit, I enjoy writing horror. It's a challenge and sometimes I wonder if the idea has been "done to death" already. I'm glad so many people find this story worthwhile. Alison

Mel 2006.07.18 - 08:00PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
Wow...that has to be one of the most intense, intriguing stories I have ever read in any fandom! Well done for writing such an original and unique plot. I loved how you depicted Harry's hatred fading to stunned disbelief in the face of Snape's weariness to their fate. The deviousness of Dumbledore was also a great touch because I've always seen him as a pragmatic man who will do anything to kill Voldemort even if it means great sacrifices. Thank you for sharing this with us.

bodo 2006.07.18 - 01:13PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous

greenwood 2006.07.18 - 12:39PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
WOW!!! What a unique story. This story had the hairs standing on the back of my neck and a chill running down my spine! That was a GREAT story. I have never read anything like it in all the years I have been reading fan fiction. You managed to combine two of my favorite subjects - Potter world and Scifi. Thank you for sharing this story!! I would give it a 10++++ If I could.

Author's Response: Hee! Thanks for that. I'm also hopelessly into HP and scifi/horror - perhaps crossover between the two could be a new genre! I must admit the story gave me nightmares the night after I'd written it - something that rarely happens, although I've written lots of horror short stories in real life. If you need a bit of comic relief after that, I've also written a few funny ones - Happy Accident is one, also on Sycophant Hex, and its over on the Petulant Poetess as well. Alison

Julia Domna 2006.07.17 - 11:19PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
This was totally weird and awesome! I loved it

Apothecaria 2006.07.17 - 09:56PM 1: Complete short story Signed
What a truly horrifying concept! All the way through, I kept hoping for redemption, like that episode of Star Trek where the Enterprise is caught in a time loop and keeps getting blown up, and eventually they figure it out and escape the loop. As Snape explains their predicament, I keep expecting him to say, "Right. So here's what we do..." But it never happens. A nifty horror-sci/fi-fantasy crossover.

Deeble 2006.07.17 - 07:59PM 1: Complete short story Signed
Wow -- Harry was right, that IS hell. Or perhaps Snape's right, and hell would be better.

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