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Reviews for Reincantation

Lily Severn 2007.12.26 - 08:31PM 1: Complete short story Signed
This was wonderful! Psychologically intriguing and definitely suspenseful. Great job!

MimiManderly 2007.08.14 - 09:37PM 1: Complete short story Signed
Wow! A genuinely scary little story. The thought of an endless expanse of time before you, nothing to fill it, and no way to change it is SO much creepier than any amount of blood and gore. Thanks for giving me the shivers!

RockMobster 2007.04.09 - 12:23AM 1: Complete short story Signed
Jebus.... that is a mother feckin scary thought isn't it? Not the sun swollowing the earth of course... I doubt I'll be alive when and if that ever happens... but to be forced to kill you mentor; the only man who ever truly cared...to then be killed by the son of your rival who has surpassed your potential; then to have to wait in a pit of nothingness thinking of all the horrid nasty little things you did while you were alive till said child also dies; to enlighten him (while simultaneously driving the kid mad) and then restarting the process in order to save a human race who has long forgotten you.... over and over and over again. Excellant story though, well-written and an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Hee hee! Yeah, I guess Hell would be an appropriate name for the place, wouldn't it? Thanks for taking the time to comment! Alison

pieface 2006.09.08 - 05:20AM 1: Complete short story Signed

marilyn 2006.08.22 - 11:16AM 1: Complete short story Signed
there is only one word for that: Brilliant!

athenakt from LiveJournal 2006.08.17 - 12:51PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
Aie! That's a horrific thought. With that many repetitions only giving Snape a faint sense of deja vu, there seems little hope of their breaking out of that without an even more significantly enormous number of repetitions more...

Kateri 2006.08.16 - 03:15PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
Okay, that was too wickedly evil. Amazing

Devon 2006.08.12 - 12:53PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
This story is so depressing and disturbing. Thinking about being trapped in a moment in time for all of eternity. But I loved it.

mother of alchemy 2006.08.04 - 09:47PM 1: Complete short story Anonymous
damn thats evil

Bethanyblueberry 2006.07.23 - 03:57AM 1: Complete short story Signed
thats enough to drive you crazy that is! brilliant

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