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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Pudella 2007.04.01 - 01:08AM 7: A Calming Draught Anonymous
05-02-2007 21:00 Rated 10

I'd like to see the seventh year Esther Pinbottle worked into the story..."made up for her lack of physical appeal with a rather shocking cleverness. She also had a wicked sense of humor"...sounds like Snape's type of woman! Though if he's gonna be choosey about looks now that he's one of the wizarding world's most eligibile bachelors, then you could slowly give Esther a makeover between now and the time she graduates. But it also seems likely that Flintrammel will make more of an appearance int he story. Princilla Gash sounds like another prospect, but not for the long run.

CMWinters 2007.04.01 - 01:07AM 7: A Calming Draught Anonymous
03-11-2006 17:51

Boy, now that Squib professor is more a Slytherin that the Slytherin student! ;) I'm sure Salazar would be turning in his grave. :P

whitehound 2006.07.17 - 02:06PM 7: A Calming Draught Signed
A very clever idea, making Nick appear in the nuddy, and I notice you've carefully avoided mentioning Flintrammel's gender, so presumably *she* is going to be the love-interest. Love the sound of Esther.

Btw, the idea that Chocolate Frogs move comes purely from the films - there's nothing in canon to suggest that they do.

greenwood 2006.07.17 - 12:23PM 7: A Calming Draught Anonymous
Even as a stand-alone short story, this chapter was wonderful. You let us glimps into a scene that featured most of the main teacher core of Hogwarts about to make a decision concerning a student. This little drama gave the characters a medium by which they could show us a little of their personality. I loved this chapter! Well done. I look forward to more.

Deeble 2006.07.16 - 04:05PM 7: A Calming Draught Signed
Oh, I like Flintrammel. Perhaps Snape can work on his prejudices.

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