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Reviews for The Bitter Glass

morgaine_dulac 2008.08.25 - 01:09PM 1: n/a Signed

MithLuin 2007.08.10 - 11:16PM 1: n/a Signed
You captured a lot of elements of the story in this, and I particularly liked how Snape's weakness was used against him. And here is the confrontation between Snape and Harry that JKR didn't give us!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had some fun playing with various myths with this story. Anything I got right with canon was luck :) Thanks for the review!

Leandra 2006.07.16 - 05:56PM 1: n/a Signed
Very nice. I like that Harry was in control enough not to give in to his anger at Snape and that he showed compassion towards Snape. Snape's thoughts as he stared into the mirror and gave in to his anger were chilling. Makes you wonder just how much (or how little) the mirror really was amplifying his feelings.

BTW - Did you mean to leave off the first sentence - "The Wizarding World was doomed"? It's in the summary but not the body of the text.

Author's Response: How much the mirror helped, I'll leave that up to the reader, heh heh heh. Thank you! Hmmm, that's strange, because yes, that is supposed to be the first line, and I see it here from my computer :( Wonder what's up with that?

Amorette 2006.07.15 - 12:57AM 1: n/a Signed
Excellent. Original and so well-written. The perfect trap for Severus Snape!

Author's Response: Thank you! I got the inspiration listening to Loreena McKennitt.

Lady Whitehart 2006.07.14 - 02:18AM 1: n/a Signed
Wow that was really good. The historical references(liberties taken and all)really gave this an authentic note. Great job!

Author's Response: :) Thanks! Never played much with Welsh mythos. May have to again, some time.

Yael Alexis 2006.07.11 - 01:33PM 1: n/a Signed
Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

greenwood 2006.07.11 - 01:48AM 1: n/a Anonymous
Glad to see you are back writing stories, even short ones! Well done and very interesting. Since Potter was the only witness, no one would recognize Snape now I would think so he could disappear somewhere. Thanks for this story, it was a great read.

Author's Response: Thanks! This was fun. It was inspired by Loreena McKennett.

maryh 2006.07.11 - 01:17AM 1: n/a Signed
Good story. I love how Harry had to decide not to kill Snape, even at the beginning when he still thought he was a traitor.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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