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Reviews for Awful Boy

EXECUTR 2006.10.22 - 08:55PM 1: Awful Boy Signed
Good story. Thanks for writing.

firefly124 2006.09.09 - 04:49AM 1: Awful Boy Signed
Oh, I really like this look into young Severus' mind, as well as his early friendship with Lily!

TRE 2006.07.02 - 11:26PM 1: Awful Boy Signed
Wow. I stumbled across this story from your LJ. Fascinating bit of history. I loved the way you let Snape's conversation first bring up the protective magic of a mother so that Lily could latch onto it later. Also this "...Dementors are an accident. They are created when someone tries, and fails, to make a Horcrux." is brilliant. I've never heard it before and had to run to the lexicon to see if it was canon.

EXECUTR 2006.06.24 - 03:02PM 1: Awful Boy Signed
Interesting. thanks for writing.

Lady Whitehart 2006.06.23 - 12:37AM 1: Awful Boy Signed
I really love the overall story. Even though it is a bit vague, the explaination of how Dementors and Inferius come to be is interesting. I especially liked how you point out that the intent behind the spell is as important as the spell itself. The only thing that is a little off is the Evans family having a Floo connection. Isn't magic supposed to be concealed from Muggles? Beyond that this is a wonderful story.

rambkowalczyk 2006.06.22 - 12:03PM 1: Awful Boy Anonymous
interesting backstory on the Salazar. It is a little fuzzy how the inferius gets created by a failed horcrux. God ideas though.

MithLuin 2006.06.22 - 12:15AM 1: Awful Boy Anonymous
A neat scenario! I was trying to figure out how old they are...I'm guessing about 4th year? Lily seems to know so little (about dementers, inferi, Unforgiveables) that I can't picture her being 6th or 7th year. But then, Snape knows an awful lot (not just information, but guesses at theory and historical revisionism), that they really can't be *that* young! I particularly liked Lily's easy friendship with him. In HBP, Harry mentions that Snape won't approve of his essay on 'how to repel a dementor,' so apparently Snape (at that point) taught something other than 'conjure a patronus'. But I can buy that young Snape would just repeat what's in the book ;).

Author's Response: They're third years. And Snape knew more about the Dark Arts the day he arrived at Hogwarts, a snot-nosed 11 year old, than most of the seventh years (at least, according to Sirius Black).

I think there was something between Snape and Lily, though I'm not quite ready to go to "unrequited love" like so many others seem to think.

Snape and Harry disagreed on the best way to "tackle" a Dementor, but whether "tackle" in this case means "repel" or "kill", I have no idea. It's entirely possible they were arguing different things. :P

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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