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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Arian Maverick 2008.08.10 - 06:05PM 4: Earl Grey Signed
I too would like to share a favorite quote from this delightful story: “What I want is for you to suffer my company while I ply you with tea and biscuits.” Brilliant!

zella 2006.06.28 - 08:53PM 4: Earl Grey Anonymous
Good portrayal of his hatred of teaching and despair at students feeble efforts. Sad but very funny - poor Severus. Lupin should have offered him Assam or Ceylon tea, he might have had a better response than with milky Earl grey...

JustJeanette 2006.06.15 - 09:57PM 4: Earl Grey Anonymous
IS Severus going to need a weerwolf at the door to keep those dastedly match making death eaters at bay........ I hope so. Jeanette

Deeble 2006.06.14 - 06:14AM 4: Earl Grey Anonymous
Yes, I sincerely doubt that times changing would induce Snape to change. He requires a sound knock on the head. :-)

seachange 2006.06.14 - 12:41AM 4: Earl Grey Signed
Just found this story. I love the combination of darkish humour, with underlying truth. Very nice. I'll look forward to more.

kodiak1 2006.06.13 - 12:35PM 4: Earl Grey Anonymous
"Christ spare him from amorous werewolves, please." LOL!

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