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Reviews for Sweet Revenge

Amanda7 2007.05.08 - 08:57PM 2: Chapter 2 Anonymous
Hilarious and in character. I've often wondered how Filch got the list of banned products, and Snape investigating it is wonderful. I agree that a smirking Snape is very dangerous/disturbing. Keep writing.

Overhill 2007.05.03 - 10:57PM 2: Chapter 2 Anonymous
I do so appreciate a good partnership! Good job!

MithLuin 2006.07.14 - 01:09AM 1: Chapter One Signed
Off to a wonderful start! Fred and George vs. Snape is just a grin-inducing combination :)

Beckyloo 2006.06.18 - 09:09AM 1: Chapter One Signed
Oh, this is good. Poor ol Snape, foiled again, lol. I can just see Fred and George booby-trapping the whole shop to stop theives and intruders lol. I look forward to reading more of this!

rdb1975 2006.06.04 - 02:19PM 1: Chapter One Anonymous
Yay! Fred and George! I can't wait to see what they do to him .

Author's Response: Poor Severus. He is really in for it with Fred and George having the upper hand. We'll do our best to update soon. Thanks for the review! :) ~~JenKM1216

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