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Reviews for Chasing The Story

memory 2006.05.16 - 07:47AM 1: none Anonymous
Good story! I see it as another addition, with Persuasion and Warning Shot, to the post HB Snape. I believe you are developing your own ideas of what could have happened "after". And, as for the other stories of yours(yes, I've read them all, you are one of my favorite authors, even if I don't leave too many reviews... put the blame on my being Italian therefore scarce in English), as for the other stories, I was saying, feelings and emotions are wonderfully described. You are incredibly good at making readers feel the same emotions of your characters. I enjoy very much the way you portray your Snape (everybody here has his "personal" Snape), and I'm glad he is on the good side. Let's hope Rowling will spare him in book 7... but she doesn't love him like we do. Wait to read more from you.

Apothecaria 2006.05.14 - 09:51AM 1: none Signed
Have you seen my fic "Exclusive: An Interview with the Half-Blood Prince?" I like to think I've started a new genre of Snape fics :) My fic was satirical, but I like the dark, nasty twist of yours, destroying her Quick Quotes Quill, Obliviating her, groping her. If Rita stumbled upon Severus by mistake, your fic fits most closely with what would be likely to happen. Blinded by ambition, she would chase him deep into Knockturn Alley instead of doing the sensible thing, like alerting the Aurors. My one quibble: how would he be so careless as to let an idiot like Rita see him when the entire Aurory is out looking for him? And I doubt he would ever go to London at all. If he's wandering about wizarding London disguised in a cloak, Mad-Eye could see through it in a second. But it makes sense that if he were to wander into London (perhaps trying to get critical information to the Order?), and Rita were to stumble across him, he would react accordingly, perhaps having a little fun. He must be sexually starved as a fugitive--the Dark Lord would probably take a dim view of Severus having his way with any of the pureblooded women surrounding him. And most tellingly, Severus doesn't kill Rita, even though it would be the simplest solution to the problem of her discovery, suggesting that he isn't as evil as Harry thinks.

Owlbait 2006.05.11 - 09:15PM 1: none Signed
Fabulous premise for a story. I especially loved Snape's technique for ditching Rita - humiliating and effective, eminently deserved, but not really harmful. Just imagine coming to your senses to find Snape kissing you against a wall in Knockturn Alley! -- ooh, shivers :o)

greenwood 2006.05.10 - 07:34PM 1: none Anonymous
Well that was certainly a dark and well done opening chapter. It gives one pause...did he really mean it? I thought the way he got rid of her was most inventive and deserved. It would have been the way Snape would have handled it I think. I hope there will be more to come.

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