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Reviews for Insidious

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.26 - 02:17PM 17: Epilogue: And Ever After Signed
This was a fantastic story, and lady, you are a hell of a writer. Thanks so much for all your hard work making this happen, it's very appreciated.

Author's Response: Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, and for taking the time to leave feedback! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the story.

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.26 - 12:34PM 15: After the Flight Signed
What a chapter! And the masterful way you had Snape escape! The way he had Petunia ensnared with his eyes at chapter's end was intriguing, both times. Firstly, with his visible pain, and the way it gave rise to her feelings of vulnerability (deeply felt need for a brother), then secondly, when his eyes glittered and he was chanting the spell (an entirely different vulnerability, this one negative). Wow--what a chapter! Thank you for your fine writing.

Jong_Kahn 2011.10.26 - 04:21AM 5: Beguiling Signed
I've already favorited this story, but upon rereading, I had to mention this wonderful reaction of Vernon to Petunia: " 'Go!' Petunia urged. '... I should be the one to show him in and introduce you. Sit in one of the armchairs—you look so magisterial in an armchair.' Vernon frowned, but as he couldn’t find any great flaw in her assessment, he did as she bade him." I love the "as he couldn't find any great flaw in her assessment"! Great chapter, great story--so glad you wrote this!

Jong_Kahn 2011.07.09 - 11:55PM 3: Entrapment Signed
Delicious chapter! I enjoyed Snape's Imperious of Mrs. Mountbatten-Wooley-St.John-Blye, and his crib of the wand-as-umbrella ploy. Nicely done!

Jong_Kahn 2011.07.09 - 11:37PM 1: Prologue: After the Vow Signed
This is a wonderful beginning. I'm so glad to see it's completed; there's nothing to compare with finding a "new" (old) story that one can actually read straight through. It's delicious already, and I can hardly wait to see what you do with it!

Amorette 2008.03.22 - 12:37AM 17: Epilogue: And Ever After Signed
JKR created interesting characters but it takes really great writers to make them LIVE. I was fascinated by this Snape. He was believable, loathsome, pitiable and funny all at the same time. Brava!

Author's Response: Thank you for these kind words. Although I know not everyone is happy with what JKR did with her characters, I think it is a testament to her talent that she created characters so many of us feel we know, or can get to know, beyond the boundaries of what she wrote. "Playing" with Snape was exceedingly fun; I'm so glad you enjoyed the results.

snapeophile 2008.03.15 - 01:26PM 17: Epilogue: And Ever After Signed
Just read your story right through--it's so good I couldn't stop. You've hit what I think of as the "fanfic trifecta"--gorgeous Writing, complex Characterizations, and an intriguing Plot. Snape's 'voice' is absolutely perfect throughout and I'm so glad you were kind to him in the Epilogue. I love how you created Petunia's story as well. Brava for a fantastic story!

Author's Response: You are very kind--thank you! I've been drawn to Snape's character from the beginning, but Petunia was a new character for me to explore. It was far more fun/funny/disturbing than I'd anticipated...

Ehmaz 2007.10.14 - 05:47AM 17: Epilogue: And Ever After Signed
What a great story! There was so much humor in this, and brilliantly written too. Just enough sadness and seriousness as well. I loved the whole biscuit scene in the staff room especially... I'm not sure why, it just stuck with me, it had me laughing so hard. And also I liked how you wrote Vernon very much! That's just how I pictured him. Again lovely and well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! JKR and some of my first fanfic writer friends ensured that I can never quite divorce "Snape" from "silly." And I'd bet my last Galleon he's totally the grabby, bossy type when it comes to the biscuit tin. ;-)

mshepnj 2007.08.08 - 04:24PM 17: Epilogue: And Ever After Anonymous
I'm new to the world of Harry Potter fanfic (although I've read much Buffyverse fic) and think this is simply the best I've read in a very long time. I prefer the Snape perspective to the Harry perspective of the canon novels, but then I find Snape a much more interesting character than Harry as written in canon - and I would have prefered that Snape got a more dignified ending in DH that he got, so this is satisfying. Anyway, this story is just really superb - thank you.

Author's Response: I'm sure as you explore the HP-verse you'll find lots of other quality Snape-centric fic, but I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed this one! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

Rebecca 2007.08.01 - 03:33PM 8: Strategic Differences Anonymous
Your story is well written. However, I do have one complaint: your plot moves at a very slow pace. You haven't given enough information to hold my interest. The story is labeled as suspense / mystery but so far, there hasn't been anything suspenseful. You haven't provided any hints or clues for a mystery to build upon. I am curious to what Snape is up to, but my curiosity is being replaced by boredom. There's hardly any interaction of a personal nature between the characters, so it's hard to identify with them.

Author's Response: You are right: This story does not really belong in the "Mystery/Suspense" genre. I have gone back and removed all genre tags but "General," as that is perhaps more of an honest description.

I also agree about the pacing (at least up through the chapters you've read). It is slow, and quite deliberately so. The pacing of the story (along with having to fit in with certain plot and canon constraints) is meant to mimic the procedure that Snape is attempting, and as that involves him ingratiating himself with Petunia (gaining her trust, etc.), it was never going to be something that could happen quickly without one or the other of them being wildly out of character. However, if you are bored, you are bored (I appreciate your being honest enough to say so, btw), and my explaining my choices probably won't make a bit of difference to your opinion! Some things are a matter of taste.

I do admit to being puzzled by your last statement though (that there isn't much interaction of a personal nature); a large portion of the story is made up of interactions between characters, whether in the present day (via dialogue) or in the past (via memories/flashbacks), and the plot hinges on Snape and Petunia's "relationship". Perhaps I don't understand your definition of "interaction of a personal nature"?

At any rate, I'm sorry to lose a reader, but I am grateful that you at least have taken the time to tell me why.

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