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Reviews for The Room

azulkan2 2006.06.02 - 09:36AM 1: The Room Signed
Welllllllllllllll, nothing like leaving us and Argus (lol) hanging. Liked it. Looking forward to the new story.

StormySkize 2006.06.01 - 06:53PM 1: The Room Signed
Well, that rates an "Awww...." Very nicely done with an economy of words.

warty 2006.05.31 - 06:39PM 1: The Room Anonymous
Mr Deathstick, You don't scare me! Lack of time is not acceptable as an excuse. An old pro like you can churn out 2000 words before breakfast. What is more important, updating a WIP and or winning your own Filch banner? You know i'm right.

southern_witch_69 2006.05.31 - 05:41PM 1: The Room Anonymous
Nice! I've never read this one before. Tail of a pooka, eh? Teehee

Author's Response: Well, yes. A nod to our favorite plaid one.

Elfrida 2006.05.15 - 11:38PM 1: The Room Signed
Is this a one shot? An interesting little story. It's rare to see stories that involve Argus Filch that don't portray him in a deragatory manner. Kudos.

Fluffy Bat 2006.05.15 - 11:36PM 1: The Room Anonymous
This is so good! Lovely descriptions and it keeps you guessing as to the purpose of the clandestine meeting of the Potions Master and the Squib caretaker, right up to the very last two sentences. Simply rivetting.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!

whitehound 2006.05.11 - 07:44PM 1: The Room Signed
Very nice - I've added it to my links page.

jenonymous 2006.05.10 - 11:45PM 1: The Room Signed
It's awfully hard to leave it there, you know.

LookFar 2006.05.08 - 10:55PM 1: The Room Signed
Interesting. I've always liked the Room of Requirement and you've put it to good use here. Your descriptions are great. I asssume Snape and Filch are trying to de-squibify him? It feels as if there should be more, or maybe I'm just wanting to see what comes next.

snidget 2006.05.07 - 10:45PM 1: The Room Anonymous
Ah, poor Argus. Best of luck, old man - you're in good hands.

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