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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light.

Ireth 2009.01.02 - 03:17PM 19: A Chance Discovery Signed
I absolutely agree with the previous reviewer! I don't understand why there are so few well written stories here. And, especially, why aren't they appreciated enough? Yours is definitely one of them! It's great, I just love reading it. There is no idiotic or inaccurate stuff in it, it's not superficial or too simple. It can sometimes be funny, and while you do have some insight to characters' thoughts, it can still surprise and leave your mouth hanging open! Something I really appreciate about your writing is that you can create atmosphere, and can manage quite subtly the changes in it too! I love this story so far, just keep it as smooth and natural and as fresh as you have done until now, because you've done it wonderfully! I look forward to reading the next chapter! But I'm not saying post it as soon as possible; take your time, just work on it as you want to! It will be great I'm sure! (I probably have more than a few mistakes in formulation so sorry about that...) A nice day to you!

LunaSnape 2006.05.15 - 09:09PM 19: A Chance Discovery Anonymous
Ok. I just finished reading your story and I realy like it. It has a way a suctioning the reader in and placeing said readers' feet in wet cement while taking a blowdyer to it. *heehee* I really have no idea why this fic has so little reviews. It drives me crazy how really well writen fics get no one telling them how well they did. *takes deep breath* Needless to say I want you update soon. Thank you for a great fic so far *LS*

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