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Reviews for Tears of the Mighty

morgaine_dulac 2008.12.20 - 10:06AM 1: Tears of the Mighty Signed
Uh, chilly!

MithLuin 2005.11.21 - 01:09PM 1: Tears of the Mighty Signed
While I don't want to believe that Albus is heartless (the great champion of love!), he certainly is a strategist. So, while he only uses people who are willing, he uses them none the less. I wonder if he considered James and Lily to be 'bait' for Voldemort? Your emphasis on his tears make this much more poignant than it would be otherwise - we don't feel sorry for those who sacrifice _others_, only those who sacrifice themselves.

jadenriverphoenix 2005.08.17 - 02:34PM 1: Tears of the Mighty Anonymous
This is really beautiful and touching. I hope you'll write more, I like your style.

zafania 2005.05.17 - 05:47PM 1: Tears of the Mighty Anonymous
old men are such cruel gits!

April (Hazydaze) 2004.07.06 - 05:25PM 1: Tears of the Mighty Anonymous
Okay, wow. That was very well written but so sad. I like it a lot. It shows wisdom and that the world isn't a perfect place. It shows that not everyone is a happy-go-lucky moron oblivious to all things around them. Keep truckin'.

melissa 2004.06.19 - 08:03AM 1: Tears of the Mighty Anonymous
loved this fic very moving keep up the good work. cya aussie mel

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