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Reviews for Exclusive! An Interview with the Half-Blood Prince

EXECUTR 2006.05.04 - 09:09PM 1: One shot Signed
Very ingenious. Fun story. Thanks for writing.

Fluffy Bat 2006.04.29 - 04:00AM 1: One shot Signed
Oh, this is so good! I loved the caption Severus thoght of for Creevey's photograph especially..."he just hadn't gotten round to it yet"...and the Wormtail scene! These are priceless!

Author's Response: Thanks, Fluffy Bat. For somebody who takes so little care about his appearance, he can be oddly vain about some things. And no Spinner's End fic would be complete without a completely gratuitous Worrmtail tormenting scene :)

Greddie 2006.04.25 - 01:32AM 1: One shot Signed
Really great story, fantastic humor! I never thought about Skeeter and Snape having tea together, but it works! I like the intimations that Snape is on DD's side still! Keep writing...

Author's Response: Thanks! This is likely going to stay a one-shot, though I had a lot of fun writing it and would continue it if I come up with enough good ideas and the time to put them down. And yes, I'm going on the assumption that he's still one of the good guys.

Jibril 2006.04.21 - 01:50PM 1: One shot Anonymous
Simply lovely. Although, I would've so enjoyed the untimely death of one Rita Skeeter...

Author's Response: But if he killed her, she wouldn't be able to report her story...not that it didn't cross my mind.

Potioncat 2006.04.21 - 07:59AM 1: One shot Signed
This was so good. I liked the line about someone saying he was really out for himself. Hearing the interview, seeing some of his thoughts and seeing the written interview was a great way to structure the story. I see another reviewer has asked for a second chapter. My suggestion for the third chapter is Harry and Hermione's reactions!

Author's Response: Well...I'm still sort of retired from writing fan-fics. This particular plot bunny occured to me one day and wouldn't let me get anything else done until it was written. I was working on one of my own, original fics, thinking about contrasts, and thought, what about a Rita Skeeter version of Snape contrasted with the real thing? And I made her a Slytherin too, because that's another contrast. But if I think of enough ideas for a 2nd chapter, I may write it. I rather like the idea of getting the trio's reactions.

Snarky Bitch 2006.04.21 - 04:45AM 1: One shot Anonymous
Ha! Cute story. :)

Author's Response: Thanks ;)

potionmistress60 2006.04.20 - 11:08PM 1: One shot Signed
Heh! You just reminded me why I dislike Rita Skeeter so much. Entertaining interview. Thanks for the laugh.

Author's Response: Some Slytherins are a lot worse than others, aren't they? And there are hardly any fics with Rita in them. I had lots of fun skewering her in this fic.

rambkowalczyk 2006.04.20 - 05:23PM 1: One shot Anonymous
Excellant story. Kept him completely in character

Author's Response: Thanks! I like trying to keep him as in character as possible.

Overhill 2006.04.20 - 01:19AM 1: One shot Anonymous
Right on target! I like the idea that his mom and the Death Eaters are going to be reading Rita's account. "Being a fugitive had its advantages." Kept laughing through the piece!

Author's Response: Thanks! I was sort of trying to imply that he would rather face the Dark Lord than his mum.

shameful_desire 2006.04.19 - 01:51AM 1: One shot Signed
Hilarious! I seriously could not stop laughin, God I love' his sense of humour. And Rita's version of the interview, I totally cringed. Who wouldn't? The mention of Severus being photographed as he went out of the men's toilet was rather surprising, I thought he would've turned creevy into toad before the "snap". eheh. Is this a one shot or will you continue? I can't wait to read more nonsense! I wonder how Tom will react to this, I think Rita should come back and demand to interview him ahahaha, and being on the recieving end of avada kevadra as a goodbye present.

Author's Response: Ah, but remember what McGonagall said: transfiguration is not an acceptible form of punishment at Hogwarts. And being ill had lowered his defenses so he couldn't react quickly enough. This is a one-shot for the time being, though I kind of like the idea of seeing everyone's reactions to the article when it appears.

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