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Reviews for Moonlit Memories

JamesandLily4ever 2006.08.22 - 03:45PM 14: Chapter 14 Signed
Wonderful! Yes, she said no! :) *relief waves across face* This is a good chapter! Really, I like it! ~Meli P/s: forgive me for overreacting in my last review. I do that when the story gets tence... ;)

Author's Response: No problem, Meli! I tend to get tense too when the characters seem to be making a mistake. I am glad that you are enjoying the story enough to care about Serena and Severus. That makes me very happy when other people seem to like my stories. Thank you for all you kind comments. :)

vailaaa 2006.06.19 - 03:19PM 14: Chapter 14 Anonymous
Hi, I have just read the story. It is just wonderful - I like the developement of the plot. Chapter 14 filled with emotions! But there hasen't been a new chapter for a long time as it seems and I wonder when are you going to post anew chapter, Olivialynlee?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review and I apologize for the long wait. I hate that when authors so that and then I do the same. I am really sorry! I will upload the last chapter this week. It is just a nice little epilogue to tie up my loose ends. Thanks for reading and I again profusely apologize for my delay!! :)

LunaSnape 2006.04.25 - 02:30PM 14: Chapter 14 Signed
Ahhh, that was so wonderful *tear*. I would realy like for you to update soon so I can stop imagining what Thomas is going to do... It's pretty bad in my head.

Author's Response: Luna, I never meant to leave everyone hanging. Believe it or not, I have this story finished, I just need to get it uploaded. To be honest, there is really only the epilogue left. I thought about writing more with Thomas, but it felt forced. Maybe I should add some more before the epilogue. What do you think? I am always interested in readers' opinions. I did begin writing a sort-of sequel to 'Moonlit Memories' that focused on Remus and his search for the spell book that Thomas found. I really need to finish that story, but no seemed interested in reading it except me! :) Thank you so much for your comments. I will upload the epilogue and hopefully it will be up soon. Feel free to contact me on my LJ to let me know your opinions on the extra chapters.

MelanieHill 2006.04.14 - 03:59PM 14: Chapter 14 Signed
This was great! I'm glad they finally admitted their love for eachother. I wonder how Thomas will take the "rejection". I look forward to the next chapter.

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