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Reviews for Lost Souls Found

revolsepans 2006.04.25 - 06:19PM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
Yeah!! You're back....wow, sorry to hear about your daughter's illness, but sounds like it's better now. This is an intense chapter. This process you're having Severus go through is phenomenal. He does need to heal before he can offer anything to Rowena. And the way you've rewritten makes more sense; Severus doesn't just ALL OF A SUDDEN decide he can be a friend to Rowena. No, he needs to go through this process and then find it within himself. Excellent.

donnalp68 2006.04.21 - 10:47AM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
Excellent! My heart broke for Severus! What a great idea having the scrap book there. I especially loved the Phoenix showing up! I see there ar emore chapters...I'm off to print them!

sundayscire 2006.04.18 - 02:28PM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
please tell me you do update this...I've been reading all night. It's a total obsession. I'm heartbroken over Severus and Rowena and trying to figure out what sort of Unforgiveables I could send your way if you don't update! come on...please????

Author's Response: There is a chapter in the queue waiting for validation right now, with five more chapters in the hands of my various betas. The story is complete, it was completed before HBP was released in the US, and is a total of 57 chapters and an epilogue. I update as routinely and quickly as real-life and my own abominable abuse of the comma will allow, but it is a completed story, and will not be abandoned. *grin* Thank you very much for your review, I am glad you are enjoying the story. *offers soft pillow* Maybe catch up on your sleep before the next chapter comes up? heh--I am sorry for the loss of sleep, but selfishly pleased that you found my story so engrossing. Thank you again.

snapehp 2006.04.17 - 08:43PM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
This is a very moving chapter. It must be hard for Severus to go there alone. Then again, it is probably for the best, he might be distracted if he did not.

Author's Response: I'm glad you are enjoying the story! You are correct, though, distractions would not help him on this visit home. Moreover, he expects it to be very emotionally intense, and he does not like anyone to see him in a state of emotional discomposure--he would not allow anyone to accompany him even if they offered. Stubborn man! *grin* Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment--I always enjoy hearing from my readers. I love the sensation of 'reading along'.

Gebbi 2006.04.16 - 09:11PM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
I am enjoying this story a lot. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I always appreciate 'hearing' from my readers, it means a great deal to me. I'm glad you are enjoying the story.

EXECUTR 2006.04.16 - 07:53PM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
Heavy, but good stuff. Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! It is 'heavy'--I think Severus is such a 'wounded' character that it is almost impossible not to need to wade through some serious angst before he can heal. I am glad you are enjoying it, though. Thank you for taking the time to comment. :)

belker 2006.04.16 - 07:20AM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
This has been a riviting story, anxious for it's continuation. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Chapter 36 is now in the queue for final validation, 37 and 38 are with my 'final polish grammar and brit-picking' beta, and 39 through 41 are with my 'characterisation and plot-consistency' beta, so my intention is to continue regular updates now until all 57 chapters and epilogue have been posted. I hope you will not have to wait more than a few days between chapters. I am glad you are enjoying the story, thank you for taking the time to comment.

Aredhele 2006.04.15 - 04:43PM 35: Chapter 35: Homecoming Signed
I'm absolutely overjoyed that your back! and have given us yet another chapter.I've read chapter 34 but not 35. I think I'm going to wait awhile till you put out a few more chapters then read them together, otherwise it is just not enough reading one chapter at a time.It's like being feed little bits of ambrosia when you want big heaping spoonfuls...hehehe. I 'm so excited to hear that there's another 22 chapters coming......must.. remain...calm.... By the way...I sincerely hope your daughter is feeling well .

Author's Response: Thank you! It's good to be back! My daughter is much better, though it's been a long climb for her. She lost 11 pounds, and was only 65 pounds to start with, so you can imagine--almost 20 percent of her body weight. At any rate, thank you for your well wishes and your comment--I think you are wise to wait on the chapters for a while. One of my betas is in the process of moving states and will be a week or two before she is ready to do chapters for me again--I have several chapters 'ahead' from her, so hopefully I can keep posting right through her absence, but I like to wait, too, when I'm reading a WIP. I also happen to know that Chapter 35 is the most emotionally 'difficult' chapter for the characters, the story in general, and for me to have written--you will want several 'lighter' chapters after that one to get you through, I think. I appreciate your reviews and will look forward to them when you have time to read a nice lump-sum of chapters. Thank you.

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