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Reviews for Happy Birthday!

rocket dog 2012.08.18 - 11:12PM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
whoooo...wow!!!! i think i need to go take a cold shower....(sigh)snape<3...WHY CREWL WORLD!!!!ONLY IF!!! by the way you did an amazing job.

Besina 2011.08.26 - 12:37AM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
Liked 99% of it, however as someone who has had the unfortunate experience of having a rather lengthy cock "hit (my) womb", I've gotta tell you that really kills the mood. Imagine being kicked in the stomach, hard while being kidney punched. It's the female equivalent of being kicked in the balls so hard that they imbed in your body. Trust me, if someone actually pounds you there, you nearly vomit and are no longer in any mood whatsoever to continue. Aside from that one detail, I loved it.

claireloise 2007.11.25 - 06:50PM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
wow, what a great story, i love snape, he is a sexy sexy man

js1976 2007.10.08 - 08:26PM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
So... what's he going to give her for Christmas? ;-) Seriously, though, I definitely think a sequel would be in order. I thought this was great.

Charlie_of_Slytherin 2007.09.28 - 06:49AM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
Thanks for sharing. If I have one criticism, it is that the story is too short ;-)

lizzy 2006.06.15 - 07:00AM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
wow perfect you could not make snape sound more sexy

sarabella76 2006.05.31 - 12:17AM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
Happy Birthday indeed! Wooh that was hot! Very nice...

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoyed this little on-shot!

emmasnape99 2006.05.05 - 02:11PM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
WOW ... that was ... WOW Em xxx

Author's Response: Thanks!

Fluffy Bat 2006.04.29 - 04:12AM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
Ooh! What a brilliant fic! I need a cold shower or something. This was a great piece of writing and I have to read it to my lover right now. I'm sure he'll appreciate the sentiments...even if it isn't my birthday.

Author's Response: Woo Hoo! Brilliant! Thanks! It may not be your birthday, but, hopefully, he will give you a present anyway! ;) LOL!

Comtesse 2006.04.27 - 10:30AM 1: Happy Birthday! Signed
C'est magnifique! A true gem!

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you! You made my day!

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