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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light.

memory 2006.04.05 - 11:07AM 12: Resurrection and Revolt Anonymous
Ciao, Magical Maeve! If you were thinking I disappeared, you were wrong. I'm still here enjoying the story meanwhile it gets more and more complicated. Many things boiling on fire, as we say in Italy. You wrote me that the "real" Maeve would have been connected to Irish mythology and, yessss, indeed she is, in a way I'd never suspect! A father like hers makes her even more powerful than Dumbledore... What a challenge for poor Severus! Looking forward to more whenever available. Tanti carissimi saluti! (best regards) Mariaemilia from Rome.

Author's Response: Yay! You're back. :-) And believe me, it gets more complicated before things start to straighten out. ;-) Maeve couldn't be more connected to myth. *giggles* As we find out later, though, it's not something she is able to wear lightly. Thanks for sticking with the story.

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