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Reviews for Curfew

Bellatrix13 2006.05.28 - 03:11AM 3: Persistence Signed
Wow great job!! What are Snape's real intentions????? can't wait for the next chapter, you evil little tease you! Love, PMasterSlave

Author's Response: Ooooo, I know!!! Well, for now, it's just lust, but over time, it may develop into something more!! So much for a one-shot PWP!! This fic somehow developed a plot along the way!!! Update should be next week sometime, have yet to finish chapter 4!

June W 2006.05.26 - 01:33AM 3: Persistence Signed
Give up the "detentions," Sevvy! Have someone else dissect the rats... offer her another "deal"... and she should learn how to use a dissolusionment spell or borrow an invisibility cloak!

Author's Response: I know she should, but then how would he catch her??? She wont be dissecting any more rats from now on, things are about to change!!!!

Author's Response: Cheers for the review!!!!!!

DSWARP3 2006.05.02 - 01:45PM 1: Curfew Signed
"“What? That fucking me would get you off?” He closed his eyes, realising the irony of what he had said".... absolutely classic, thats genius.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!!! That's the first time anyone has used the word genius when talking about something I have written!!!! Chapter 3 is being written as we speak!!!

Anouska Draconius 2006.05.02 - 09:04AM 2: Punishment Signed
Something makes me think Snape *wants* her to venture out again. I'm really enjoying reading this story and look forward to the next update.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I'm glad people like it, and I'm certainly glad that I decided to take people's advice to write more than one chapter!! Chapter 3 is being written as we speak!

Carrot top 2006.04.30 - 08:03PM 2: Punishment Signed
please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks! I am writing chapter 3 as of today!!

Thinkin_About_Snape 2006.04.12 - 07:04PM 1: Curfew Signed
My oh my what I wouldn't give to be Morgana. Whew, I think I need a shower after that one. That was some good writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I am working on chapter 2 as we speak! Have finally been inspired to write one!!

DaniDM 2006.04.04 - 10:49PM 1: Curfew Signed
Oh Hot!

Author's Response: Thank you! Totally intended!

orm irian 2006.04.04 - 09:38PM 1: Curfew Signed
Go for it--write some more!

Author's Response: I have some ideas in mind, and hopefully will have them on the pc soon! Thanks for reading!

Anouska Draconius 2006.04.04 - 05:51AM 1: Curfew Signed
Good story. “Does the courageous Gryffindor want this Slytherin’s mighty snake?” Love Snape's chat up line, very corny! So was Morgana serving her detention with Snape and if so, surely that would be more opportunity for some fun?

Author's Response: I had thought about that, and if people want me to write another chapter or two I will!! Thanks for reading!!

scully_m_ 2006.04.03 - 04:32AM 1: Curfew Signed
I liked that very much! Lucky Lucky Girl... to bad the months worth of detention was not with him.

Author's Response: Yes she is!! And I have thought of doing more chapters. If people want them, I will do a few more!! Thanks for reading!!

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