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Reviews for Curfew

JuneW 2007.04.01 - 02:12AM 5: Perception Anonymous
11-07-2006 21:20 Rated 10

Phew! I am so relieved that this is NOT the last chapter. Must have happy ending, please - and more lemons, of course. Thanks for updating!!

Author's Response: Oh, it isn't the end, I assure you! And, there will of course, be more lemons!!! How could there not be? It would be a crime, surely?? Thanks for reading!

mimimanderly 2007.04.01 - 02:11AM 6: Purpose Anonymous
11-04-2006 01:10 Rated 9

Such a delicious little story! Please write some more!

Author's Response: Oh, I will! It isn't over yet! At least two more chapters! Thanks for reading!!!

christev 2007.03.20 - 11:12AM 5: Perception Signed
I've been holding out on both Curfew and Outside of Mind, waiting and hoping for updates... So glad you've added on to both of them - thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks! Chapter 6 is nearly finished, and then only one more chapter to go! I was meant to be a oneshot, but has developed a plot!!! Who would have thought it!!! Thanks for reading!

MadamSnape 2006.09.29 - 08:26AM 4: Perseverance Signed
Very good, for PWP-=-although, LOL I think it is developing a (GASP!!) plot! But, that would be okay with this storyline--lots of smut, little plot, more smut, keep on with it!

Author's Response: Thanks! When I wrote the first chapter, it was meant to be a one shot, but people kept asking for more smut with Snape, so after another chapter or two, it did begin to develop a plot! I have tried to keep it down to a minimum, but it tends to go off with itself! My muse has taken a very keen interest in this little plot bunny, and simply wont let go! Thanks for reading!! Updates soon!!

pudella 2006.09.07 - 11:32PM 4: Perseverance Signed
Turning the tables on Severus should prove to be interesting for Morgana, I can't wait to read it! Is she a Ravenclaw (Chpt 3 mentions her sitting at the Raveclaw table) or Gryffindor (Chpt 4 mentions she's in the Gryffindor dormitory)?

Author's Response: Yes, that was my stupid mistake, she's a Gryffindor. I should go back and change that! You're not the only one to notice! Thanks for reading!!

EvilBanshee 2006.09.07 - 06:01AM 1: Curfew Signed
Wow..that was seriously HOT. I forgot to breath and blink while I was reading it,my mouth went dry,lol. The way he told her to sit on his face...omg,I can see him doing that. Very,very sexy. Oh,and I wanted to add that I just started to read fan fiction,I usually never do. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you had a pleasant fanfic experience, and there are lots of wonderful stories out there, including on the sister sites to this one. I am writing the next chapter as we speak! Thank you for reading!

Maria 2006.09.05 - 04:25AM 4: Perseverance Signed
I'm enjoying this story, and I'm really looking forward to seeing who breaks first!

Author's Response: Thanks! We'll just have to see! Who's your money on?? Thanks for reading!

M M 2006.08.31 - 07:19PM 4: Perseverance Signed
Interesting story. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Author's Response: Thank you. More soon! Including lemons!

Nikara 2006.08.31 - 02:15AM 4: Perseverance Signed
Way to go Margana. Great update!

Author's Response: Thanks! I wasn't sure how people would take it, with the lack of lemons as well, but yes, she's decided to get tough! Thanks for reading!

June W 2006.08.31 - 01:51AM 4: Perseverance Signed
Uh-oh.... not sure if I should be cheering for Morgana or Snape to "win"!

Author's Response: Hehe! Well see! Snape is in for a rude awakening! Thanks for reading!

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