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Reviews for Curfew

Severus_is_my_boi 2007.11.06 - 07:12PM 7: Pinnacle Signed

Author's Response: Thanks!

darka 2007.11.02 - 03:17PM 7: Pinnacle Signed
wonderful story, and I'm very happy Severus has given in to his feelings. I just wondered when is this story set, after DH?

Author's Response: It's set after DH, but is AU because of it. Kind of AU after HBP as well really. Just a bit of smut that a plot bunny got hold of and wouldn't let go! Thanks for reading!

Trickie Woo 2007.11.01 - 04:04AM 7: Pinnacle Signed
I'm happy to see that you've updated again. McGonagall was a big surprise, I didn't expect that at all. Happy Samhain!

Author's Response: The McGonagall bit has been in the planning since I decided to make it more than a one-shot. I thought it would look good to have her catch them and almost have a stroke! Thanks for reading! Merry Samhain!

michelles_darkthoughts 2007.08.08 - 02:44AM 6: Purpose Signed
i have loved this delicious story from chapter one...i cant wait to read more. its wonderful and hits all the right notes!...lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you! I have updated with chapter 7, and so there is only an epilogue to go! Thanks for reading!

ninelives 2007.06.27 - 03:30AM 1: Curfew Signed
Seriously hot, well written. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I am writing the last chapter and should have it posted soon! Thanks for reading!

M M 2007.04.01 - 02:14AM 5: Perception Anonymous
03-29-2007 01:11 Rated 9

So glad that you are continuing this story. Update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I have an epilogue planned to bring it all together. Then it will be complete!

LunaSnape 2007.04.01 - 02:14AM 5: Perception Anonymous
03-28-2007 22:30 Rated 10

OMG! I thought it was the last chapter to lol I'm glad you mentioned that. I'm also glad you decided to put a plot in b/c it is working I I'm starting to feel for the characters.

Author's Response: No! Not in the least!! 6 chapters up, one left to go! I am working on it, but also have other stories to update, so please bear with me!! Thanks for reading!!

Elaine Lahey 2007.04.01 - 02:13AM 5: Perception Anonymous
11-14-2006 03:42 Rated 10

This story is so hot! I must have more chapters; that's what I want for Xmas.

Author's Response: I think you may get your wish! At least one chapter by christmas, maybe even both! More lemons to come! Thanks for reading!

Hyaene 2007.04.01 - 02:13AM 5: Perception Anonymous
11-13-2006 19:55

Great Story!
Hehe "A plot? How could that happen?"??? I hope you update soon! I am anxious to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am trying to write the next chapter, but it is taking some time because we are getting to the last remnants of the story. I know how it will end, but it is the getting there that takes the time! Thanks for reading!

jamieson 2007.04.01 - 02:12AM 5: Perception Anonymous
11-08-2006 00:31 Rated 10

I was worried it would be the end too - I hope to see more. I think this has escaped your PWP categorization. There is defintely a plot. It's just more subtle than we expected . My interest is definitely picqued.

Author's Response: *Gasp!!!* A plot??? When did that happen??? I have absolutely no idea!! I initially wrote the first chapter as a oneshot, but people kept asking for more, so I did! And here it is 5 chapters later and I still have at least 2 more to write!! Thanks for reading!!!

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