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Reviews for Reverto ut Obscurum

Potioncat 2006.08.26 - 07:23AM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Signed
I was trying to work out 'where his loyalties lie' all the way to the end...and it's Out-For-Himself Snape. Very gripping story!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

redvelvetcanopy 2006.07.18 - 01:08PM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Signed
Mmmm...how did I miss this? I love the way you portray the feeling of Voldemort sifting through Snape's thoughts, fingering each little detail of his emotions and then savagely violating his mind, taking what he wanted. I love (and think it is highly probably canon) the way in which he explains his delay in returning to Voldemort. Chilling ending! Do you think Severus serves his own purposes in the end, desiring only to be more powerful than anyone else and caring nothing of the outcome either way? Hmm.

Author's Response: Sadly this was caught in the 'update avalanche' when it posted: if you blinked, you missed it. Yea! you thought the Legilimens process was creepy. The more I reread HBP, the more I get the impression the only one Snape serves is himself.

Cerridwen Aradia 2006.06.07 - 08:09AM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Signed
What a beautifully moving story. You write descriptions of inner turmoils and feelings so well. This was just stunning.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. So glad that you liked my ambiguously evil Snape. Of all my fics, this one is my favorite, but don't let my other stories hear that. ;^)

Stellar Hawk 2006.05.08 - 06:01PM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Anonymous
This is very good! Very creepy, and a very likely scenario. I too have been thinking for some time that Snape has always been on his own side, looking out for number one. Perhaps he has been playing Dumbledore and Voldemort against one another in the hopes of eliminating them both and taking over himself. His line in HBP in Harry's Defense class about the "hydra" sprouting another head even cleverer and more dangerous than the last made me wonder if he sees himself as Voldemort's eventual successor. Whatever his intentions, he's playing an extremely dangerous game. You've captured the essence of his precarious position very well in that scene with a very volatile, unpredictable Voldemort. Brrr! My skin was crawling!

Author's Response: I love getting a reaction like that from a reviewer! Crawling skin is a good thing. That line in HBP caught my attention as well. I really think that his loyaties are mainly to himself, but I guess we will have to wait until Book 7 comes out to know for sure.

Emily 2006.04.18 - 12:02AM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Anonymous
This is great! You should really continue that would be nice. I really wish the books went into more detail about nights like these.

Author's Response: Thank you. Someday I may, but for now it's complete. There are just too many unanswered questions. I am going to poke around in the books to see if I can find a few 'lost chapters' to write. I also take requests.

Marianne 2006.04.16 - 07:28AM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Signed
Thank you, Lady Whirtehart. His loyalty will be the crucial question until the publication of the final book, though many people think that he is on Voldemort's side. Your description was very vivid and believable. (I believe him to be on the sight of the Light; otherwise I would not be able to read and write on sycophanthex.)

Author's Response: My personal thoughts are that his loyalties are mostly to himself. But we shall see.

Verity Brown 2006.04.14 - 01:20AM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Signed
Chilling! Who does he serve? Voldie? Dumbledore? Or himself? The tension is great. Well done! :~)

Author's Response: Thank you! Writing tension can be so much fun.

Trickie Woo 2006.04.14 - 12:00AM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Signed
As I said in my review of the first chapter, if he could master himself and channel his emotions, instead of keeping them bottled up, he would be more powerful than either Moldy Voldie or Dumbledore. At that particular moment I think he was ready to claim the mantle of the leader/ruler of the Magical World, but I still don't know whether he would be good or evil in the context of how you have written this.

Author's Response: I do agree with you that Snape's powers in time could be equal to the Dark Lord's and Dumbledore's powers. However, being a true Slytherin I think he has chosen to keep a lot of his abilities hidden. Since Snape has been allowed to continue serving Voldemort, I don't think that he is aware that Snape is a highly accomplished Occlumens. As for whether he is good or evil, that was the intention, to leave it up to the reader to draw their own conclusion. Thanks for reviewing!

greenwood 2006.04.13 - 06:35PM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Anonymous
Ooooo! Now this will be the twist! A story with Severus as his own man. I have heard of this theory and it has possibilities with out a doubt! Great story so far. Severus is keeping both masters happy and I can't wait to see the path this plot will talke and how it will end! Keep it comming.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, greenwood. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is where the story ends... for now. Look at it this way, ending this frees up writing time for Shadow on My Heart and Meant to Be... Enemies. :^) I do have every intention to write more about his behind the scenes role at some point, but there are too many canon question I want answered first.

memory 2006.04.13 - 05:56PM 2: Usquequaque Vestri Vernula Anonymous
Good job! I enjoyed both parts of your story, and mostly, I liked your description of Severus' thoughts and feelings. "No one knew of his true loyalties"... This will be sadly true until the Mighty and Unique Rowling will graciously let us know all the what, when and why. In the meantime, we all hope a redemption is waiting round the corner, possibly sparing the life of the redeemed. I think that keeping things suspended, like you did, is a good choice. Again, good story. Sorry for my terrible English (I'm Italian), hope you understand what I wrote. PS: Is the Latin title a quotation?

Author's Response: No apologies are needed; your English is excellent. The purpose of this was to allow the reader to decide for themselves. Personally, I think the only loyalties Snape has are to himself. As for the Latin quotation, I remember vaguely reading it somewhere, but I can't recall the source. Most likely it was in a textbook. I took several years of Latin as well as Spanish in school, so I've been trying to put it to good use.

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