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Reviews for The Secret Papers of Regulus Black

thejoker 2008.08.01 - 12:37AM 1: (one shot) Signed
God what a BITCH Harry is, eh? ^^ Love the story. <3

rambkowalczyk 2006.05.06 - 08:38PM 1: (one shot) Signed
Although I don't think Harry would have acted like this in the end, it is an interesting idea. Good way of tieing in Regulus to show Harry that the liquid Dumbledore drank was poisonous.

Author's Response: I'm glad you think the idea is interesting. Thanks for your comments!

Verity Brown 2006.04.04 - 01:48AM 1: (one shot) Signed
Remember that the poison is not so quick-acting. Dumbledore had time to get back to Hogwarts. Although, I think that if Regulus had come back to the house before dying, his parents would have known more of what was going on. Since I believe, as you wrote in your story, that Regulus used Kreacher to help him get the locket, it was probably Kreacher who took the locket back to the house.

Author's Response: That's true. You have good points there :)

Verity Brown 2006.04.04 - 12:10AM 1: (one shot) Signed
What a prat Harry is! After all that!

This story has lots of great ideas in it--I agree with many of these theories entirely. However, I still think it was Voldemort who put the poison in the basin--and that Regulus died from drinking it, just as Dumbledore would have--but depending on when that Horcrux was placed there, it may well have been made by Severus. It will be interesting to see if there really was a connection between Severus and Regulus or not, but I love your idea about Regulus using a friendship with Severus to get on Sirius's nerves. Nicely thought out!

Author's Response: Yes, I can see your point about the potion. Despite having written that story, I'm open to a lot of different theories. I'm also glad you liked my "using Snape" thing: Regulus was, after all, a Slytherin, and that seems to be a Slytherin sort of thing. The only question I have: if the locket found in Black's place is the Horcrux and Regulus died from the potion... how did the locket get there? Anyway, thanks for the review!

shameful_desire 2006.04.03 - 06:46AM 1: (one shot) Signed
Oh god. Wow. What?????? Its the end already?????????? NooooooooooOOOOOOOOO. iT CANT end like this!!!!! potter, That bloody arrogant prat!!!! I have a suggestion. Why not Potter switch places with Snape? He can rot in AAzkaban (I suggest we exclusively let a dementor into his cell-the pleasant surprise it will be) instead. = D. I hate potter as much as our dear snape hates Sirius! Nevertheless it was a good read

Author's Response: Thanks for the review - I'm glad you thought it was a good read...

eurydikesna 2006.03.28 - 09:07AM 1: (one shot) Anonymous
I think it really is against Harrys character. He gave the chance of explanation to Sirius (he thought Sirius caused the of James and Lily, Harrys parents, and then he believed in Sirius innocence, when there was evidence for it), he would do it for Severus Snape too. If the explanation was trustworthy. it would be more difficult in the case of Severus but Harry wouldnt let an innocent man and a heroe into the bargain rot in the prison. and yes, i think it would be very unfair for Severus and very unjust and dishonest behaviour of Harry.

Author's Response: As I said, I think it is a plausible way that Harry -could- go, but not the only one. I'm picturing a Harry that has gone through absolute hell. The two things he's "happy" about are that he got Snape and Voldemort's gone. That, and the knowledge that he's not evil and didn't kill anyone besides Voldemort. Like Sirius in Azkaban, he's holding off his personal demons by focusing on these facts that aren't exactly happy thoughts. Then, suddenly two of them (Snape and killing) are taken away from him. It's too much. He has to keep blaming Snape, because he can't deal with the alternative. That, and Snape isn't innocent nor a hero to Harry. There's too much of Snape's bad side that he's seen. It's not the same as Sirius, his dad's best friend, where the only thing he did was the betrayal, so once that got wiped away, there was no problem. And in the case of Sirius, Harry was given a new target for his anger instantly, in the form of Peter. He didn't have to blame *himself*. We never get to hear Peter's explanation either, and Harry would have let Sirius and Remus kill him, if he hadn't realized it would make them murderers. Instead, he suggests giving him to the dementors... Right, very merciful, there, Harry. Harry, throughout the books, has a blindspot concerning Snape (and Snape also has one concerning Harry). I think it would require Snape to actually apologize for the terrible things he did to Harry for no good reason for Harry to ever give Snape any kind of a chance. Snape will never do that. If the situation weren't so bleak, if it was the ring that was killing Dumbledore instead of the poison from the cave, then yes, I think Harry would do something. But things the way they are, the fact that it's Snape, and that he is guilty by the letter of the law, if not the spirit (he did, after all, use an Unforgivable Curse), I think Harry would want to forget all of this. What can he do, anyway? Do you think he would believe the courts would let Snape go? (I need to change something: instead of it being mostly Harry's evidence, I think I'll put in the Priori Incantatem spell, which will show Snape's use of the curse...) Or do you imagine an escape scenario? While Harry definitely has a 'saving people thing', I'm not sure it applies to Snape, and I'm very sure that Snape would never agree to being saved by Harry. Finally - when I asked in what way you meant 'unfair', I was trying to find out if you thought it was unfair to the reader or that it was an unfair outcome for the characters. Now that I know it's the latter, I will say yes, of course it's unfair. It's unfair to everyone on several different levels. But it's supposed to be a reflection on life, and unfortunately, life isn't always fair. Good people do terrible things all the time, when they are pushed beyond their limits. Harry is at the breaking point *before* this happens. He just simply does not have the stamina to continue being a hero, let alone for the one person he's despised most for the last several years. If Dumbledore had been alive, it's possible that he could have talked to him in a way that would have helped him get that strength back. But he has no one to talk to -- by the time Ron and Hermione are back from the hospital, he's managed to push all of that hatred and guilt to the back of his head where he doesn't have to deal with it. That's what I meant by 'never look back'. He's trying to hold onto his sanity, and he doesn't have anyone who can help him do that AND do right by Snape at the same time. Yes, it's unfair to the characters, but it's plausible psychologically, so I don't think it's unfair to the reader.

greenwood 2006.03.28 - 01:36AM 1: (one shot) Signed
I really like the spin on Regulas in this story. It takes some of the theories out there and crafts them into a story. I think you could have managed two good chapters out of this with a bit more detail to emotion or surroundings to bring the reader deeper into the mood of each character. Good story plot and ending and you kept Snape and Harry in Character.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really tried hard to keep Snape and Harry in character, so I'm glad you found them plausible. And... you liked the ending? Thanks - so far most people who've commented on that part didn't like it. As for more detail to emotion or surroundings: that surprised me. I actually thought I had too much of both. I'll have to look that over. Thanks again.

Snape007 2006.03.28 - 12:10AM 1: (one shot) Signed
You donť like Snape ? I'm a sure, probably yes.... Then you don't want write too bad end for him ! Harry - what a rat ! Try write another second half of this .

Author's Response: True. I have no idea what his end will be. And yes, of course I like Snape.

eurydikesna 2006.03.27 - 12:28PM 1: (one shot) Signed
i dont agree, harry wouldnt have let Severus in prison. its against his character. and anyway, its not a fair end.

Author's Response: I don't see it as being against his character at all. I see it as one way his character *could* go. No, he's not there yet, but he's leaning very close in that direction. He's never given Snape a chance (not that Snape ever gave him one, either), and this has only gotten worse with time (blaming Snape for Sirius' death... excuse me?). If there had been dementors, I would grant you that he wouldn't have left Snape there. But a regular prison? I think he would be fine, considering all of Snape's other crimes (in Harry's eyes). As for fair -- in what way? For Snape, you mean?

June W 2006.03.26 - 08:49PM 1: (one shot) Signed
I agree with cosmic_quest - the Boy Who Lived must be outed as the Boy Who Fed Poison to Dumbledore.. What a hypocrite Potter is... Oh, and release from Azkaban for Severus, since Potter was the one who gave the poison to Dumbledore. Back to your keyboard, wench!

Author's Response: *laughs* Well, first I need to finish my completely self-indulgent novel-length project. Then, we'll see...

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