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Reviews for The Clipped Wings of Love

shameful_desire 2006.04.03 - 07:26AM 1: The Clipped Wings of Love Signed
Oh dear. Poor, poor Vervain. Severus seems so sweet. I'm glad Vervain has a child like that. I just hope she will be mentally stronger throughout the fic and will be able to attempt to avada kedavra her husband hahaa. Oh its YOU!!! sorry, I didn't realise that the author was magical maeve. Sorry! Omgd this sounds so rude. Sorry again. Sorry for asking this (and I feel stupid for doing so) but what does SS-Centric mean?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, at the moment, this is a one-shot. But when I've got the novel length fic I'm working on finished, then I may add to this. And SS-Centric means the fic is focussed solely on Severus and his life.

little beloved 2006.03.31 - 06:37AM 1: The Clipped Wings of Love Signed
Interesting take on his childhood, and, I'm sure, close to the bone despite the incorrect names, and wealth instead of apparent poverty. One thing intrigued me ... 'an unkindness of ravens'? Might I ask why you termed it as such?

Author's Response: Well, I have labelled it as pre-HBP, so the names weren't incorect when I wrote it. :-) It was just a little exploratary piece that bought into the background a lot of Fanfiction thought Snape might have had. I'm going through my back-catologue of Snapefics and submitting them here at the moment. The term 'an unkindness of ravens' is the collective term for a group of ravens. Strange, is it not, and yet eerily accurate. :-) Thanks for reviewing, and I really need to answer those reviews over at MNFF!

greenwood 2006.03.24 - 12:25AM 1: The Clipped Wings of Love Anonymous
Wow this is a powerful chapter! It is full of angst to the max. The emotion Vervain feels is so believeable that it hurts. She is deluding herself like so many abused woman in these kinds of relationships. Poor Severus is doomed to see how people deal with problems, anger and the resentment in the environment he is growing up in. His resentment for his father will be enormous and coud explain a lot in how he behaves later. Great opening chaper even though HBP has come out wifh different inormation....that is what is so wonderful about fan fiction, we can take it where we want to and it is OK. So his fathers name is Kentigern in this story and not Tobias...thats ok. Somehow Severus came to be who he is today and I love the open speculation of it all in the alternate universe land. Keep it coming.

Author's Response: This was written pre-HBP so was completely my take on his background. HBP proved it to be completely wrong, but I'm sticking with it. :-) At the moment, it is a one-shot, and probably won't become a chaptered fic, but I may write other one-shots based on this version of Severus' childhood.

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