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Reviews for An Unexpected Collision

HalfordsDoll 2011.06.09 - 09:15PM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
Fabulous! I enjoyed it immensely! Thank you so much for sharing and I do hope that you will perhaps write a sequel. :0)

duj 2010.03.07 - 06:06PM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
Your OC has a lot of life in her yet. You shouldn't stop here.

Maria 2006.04.14 - 01:49AM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
This is lovely, and I really like Hannah. Will you write a sequel? *makes puppy dog eyes* :)

Dani DM 2006.03.28 - 04:42PM 1: An Unexpected Collision Anonymous
I loved your story. It's so nice to see a story including Snape but having an original character. There are so few of them. Well done. It would be interesting to see a sequel. Ex. Christmas day at the parents, what happens after, . You have left it open to possibilities.

Author's Response: Hee hee... I can see I'm going to have to write some sort of sequel to this. My poor one-shot is not destined to remain so. :-) Glad you liked it. I write a lot of Severus/OC. My main fic - Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light - involves an OC.

Potioncat 2006.03.22 - 07:13AM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
This was very interesting! When she called out, "Severus, Severus please." I got cold chills. But I was a little confused that he seemed so unaware of Muggle things. Are you taking the position that Severus would have been raised in a wizarding house even though he had a Muggle father? The girl's mother seems very interesting, I'd like to see a story about her and how she came to have the book.!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Potioncat. Did it come acroos that Severus wasn't too aware of Muggle things? I probably need to reread it. That wasn't, strictly speaking, my intention. But even so, he is a wizard, and my vision of his childhood differs from Jo's, so I'm clinging to it. ;-) Glad you enjoyed it!

Isobel L 2006.03.19 - 10:23PM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
A lovely story. My only wish is that it could have gone on a bit longer because I was enjoying your character Hannah and her developing relationship with SS so much!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Isobel. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

marina (logged out) 2006.03.19 - 06:25AM 1: An Unexpected Collision Anonymous
Is it a one shot then? I really like it!

Author's Response: It is at the moment, but you never know what might happen in the future. ;-) Thanks for the review.

June W 2006.03.18 - 08:56PM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
Drat! It's completed!! I really wanted to see her parents' reaction to him. BTW, I'm going to imagine this is post-war, Dumbledore is no longer in hiding, and Severus' new in-laws are Squibs. And that his hand is all better now. Thanks for posting!!

Author's Response: LOL! It is completed, although I have been nagged at to write more by both my beta and the person this was originally written for. Thanks for the review!

Deeble 2006.03.18 - 01:11PM 1: An Unexpected Collision Signed
I enjoyed it -- Hannah is a likeable original character, and a collision of cultures (literally and figuratively) is always interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Hannah has rather grown on me too. :-)

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