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Reviews for A Decision

morgaine_dulac 2008.06.14 - 02:50AM 1: One Shot Signed
'Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.' Looks as if Tobias would have been Slytherin, had he been magic. I like your view of Tobias. It differs a lot from what can usually be found in fanfiction. Original. /M

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Yes, Tobias definitely would have been Slytherin. All my fics are set in the same world, and this is part of the backstory for Tobias that goes with "The Highest Value", a work in progress. In my version, Tobias admired Salazar Slytherin and gave Severus the second name of Salazar after him.

gjegje 2006.04.01 - 04:04PM 1: One Shot Anonymous
I love looking at muggle/wizard relations and your ficlet has an interesting point of view. I like what Iīve seen so far and would like to get to know this Tobias some more. There isnīt much of a plot so far so I canīt grade you high but should you write more Iīll read it!

Author's Response: I've just added a story called "The Highest Value" that covers Snape's relationship with his parents, and his years at Hogwarts. It should appear as soon as the SH admin can get to it. I think I have a take on Snape's family life that is quite different from what I've seen elsewhere.

cosmic_quest 2006.03.16 - 03:36PM 1: One Shot Signed
Interesting fic. You depicted Toby very much as how any young boy would when he discovered this secret world. I love his growing interest in magic until it's almost like an obsession and it's easy to see how he might become very jealous of having a wife and child who are more powerful than him.

Author's Response: Great comments! Believe it or not, I never stopped to think about the power imbalance between Tobias and his wife and child. I'll have to think about how I should factor that into the world I'm creating around Severus Snape.

TWZRD 2006.03.16 - 03:07AM 1: One Shot Anonymous
Toby is right cute! Interesting idea for "backstory". Now be sure to finish this one.

Author's Response: Thanks TWZRD. Actually, this was a one-shot, and I just figured out how to mark it completed. However, I am planning a series of one-shots based around Snape and his background. Maybe I'll even integrate something into a coherent whole at some point.

Trickie Woo 2006.03.16 - 12:42AM 1: One Shot Signed
Interesting and enjoyable, it fits in with another story I'm reading where Eileen is the cruel one and Tobias is the one who loves his son. Of course he dies when Severus is quite young, leaving Eileen responsible for his warped and unloved childhood. This could be a prequel to that story.

Author's Response: Interesting. Is it a story on Occlumency? Right now, I'm leaning towards the idea that both Severus' parents loved him, and that one or both were killed during Voldwar I, leaving him an orphan at some point during his student days at Hogwarts.

Crocky 2006.03.15 - 06:06PM 1: One Shot Anonymous
*lol* I never realised he might have been called Toby. I always saw him more like a cruel person so that it wouldn't have fit somehow, but we don't know anything, o'course. So in this case, naturally, it does. It's more like a short theory than a piece of fiction, isn't it? Albeit an interesting one.

Author's Response: Well, you're right, I'm more into theory than fiction. This idea comes from the name "Tobias", and the fact that JKR's names are usually significant. Tobias is the major character in the book of the Bible called "Tobit" by some and "Tobias" by others. In this story, Tobias ends up marrying a woman named Sarah (the name means "princess") after driving off some demons. That's why I'm playing around with the idea that Tobias was actually not a cruel man.

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