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Reviews for Changes

Terrible Tues 2006.02.02 - 09:53PM 2: Changes, Part 2 Signed
Hooray! Great ending. Thank you.

EminentFacade 2005.04.25 - 11:29PM 2: Changes, Part 2 Signed
Wow... That was great. Loved it. I love reading Snape fics because in some of them it gives a little insight on to what his home life might hae been like. I really think this is great.

mouse 2005.03.22 - 11:10PM 2: Changes, Part 2 Signed
This is a wonderful little fic! You let Snape remain the damaged man he is while still achieving a very sweet and satisfying happy ending. I loved this!

QueneArual 2004.10.10 - 12:48PM 2: Changes, Part 2 Anonymous
Ahh my favorite slash ship. You did a great job. Very interesting that they stepped into each other's bodies. You should write more. 10/10

Nymphadora 2004.09.08 - 02:19PM 2: Changes, Part 2 Anonymous
I loved this! It's a well-written sweet fic, possibly the best SS/RL fic I've read (I've read quite a few) and very high up on my list of favourite fics ever (one helluva lot!).

Silky 2004.07.11 - 01:35AM 2: Changes, Part 2 Anonymous
Wow, I can't believe there's only one review here. This was great. It probably was one of the best fics I've ever read, by what was put into it and all... Great job! ^_^

Naltariel 2004.01.28 - 12:14PM 1: Changes Anonymous
WOW, WOW, simply WOW. It's so beautifully written and characterized that i am speechless. One minor thing: not emough smut. lol. But I am a pervert so ignore me.

amethyst 2004.01.28 - 12:25AM 2: Changes, Part 2 Anonymous
I love this!! SS/RL is one of the few M/M pairings that I will read. You did a very good job!

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