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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light.

memory 2006.03.17 - 02:54AM 5: Moony Matters Anonymous
I'm glad to hear you are Irish! I've so many friends in Dublin. I've spent a total of 6 months there and enjoyed it a lot! I'm curious to see how you will insert the Irish mithology in the story. Once I had an Irish book about Chu Chulainn, the Leprechaun, Faeries, Banshees and other stories, but I can't imagine how would they fit here, so... waiting for your surprises, as always! About this chapter, I loved Remus and his protectiveness. I liked the idea of him being an "intelligent" wolf with human feelings, I always thought the Wolfsbane would have just kept him quiet but with a wolfish nature. So, this sounds quite interesting and I look forward to the new chapters. (And I'm not going to apologise any more for my English, promised!) Un saluto! (that is "regards" - I'm going to teach you some Italian..... No, just joking!)

Author's Response: Well, you definately get to see some Irish mythology! Maeve is a bit more connected to it than first might appear. I'm glad you are enjoying the portrayal of Remus. He's one of those characters that is a dream to write, because he does have an innate goodness, but there's always some confusion and strength beneath the surface. *Memorises Un Saluto!* *Looks forward to more Italian lessons* :-)

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