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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light.

memory 2006.03.13 - 02:49AM 4: Doubts and Devotion. Anonymous
Charming story! It's becoming more and more intriguing, meanwhile I prepare myself to say good bye to Potions Master. I like the way you portrayed Lupin, so anxious to please and to be loved. He hasn't got Severus's strength, but I like him and his contraddictions : he is appealing so much to my (huge) maternal istinct! I'm looking forward to see how the relationship between him and Maeve is developing. Just a question: any connection of yours with Ireland? I'm asking this because I have been in dear old Dublin 5 times in my life, (where I learned my "wonderful" English), and I still love the country and its people very much. So it was a nice surprise to read that Maeve is Irish, bring me back to those happy years.

Author's Response: I am Irish, although I've lived in England since I was a child. This story stemmed from my need to 'practise' with Maeve before writing her into an original novel. And, of course, I love Irish mythology and just had to get it into the Harry Potter world. :-) One of my other readers on another site has fallen in love with Remus over the course of Daughter of Light and its sequel and I'm glad you like him too. He does feature a lot in this fic, much to Severus' disgust. :-)

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