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Reviews for Aphrodisiac

Very Small Prophet 2009.05.30 - 10:38PM 1: One Signed
Henry Kissinger was right. All my fangirl crushes are on dangerous, powerful (but emotionally wounded) characters, not good-looking ones. My Star Trek favorite is Spock, of course, and Sev is not merely Spock, he's Evil Spock. We fangirls are so predictable, aren't we?

morgaine_dulac 2008.08.11 - 01:37PM 1: One Signed
Bittersweet. Thanks for sharing. /M

Chartreuse 2006.07.02 - 01:18AM 1: One Signed
Interesting how much more attractive someone can become power and/or money enters the equation. V well done, indeed.

Author's Response: Ah, yes. I think Narcissa likes power. Thank you for your kind words. Amorette

Andromache 2006.03.30 - 05:38AM 1: One Anonymous
This is completely believable. I've often had visions of this happening. Wheee!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you share my point of view.

MelanieHill 2006.03.16 - 08:30PM 1: One Signed
This was wonderful. I'm glad the title caught my eye. Have you ever thought of writing a second story about what happens when Snape wakes up?

Author's Response: This was originally the opening of what might have become a longer story but I am terrible at both sex scenes and long stories so I ended up with what little I posted. Glad you liked what I did write! Amorette

seachange 2006.03.14 - 01:50PM 1: One Signed
Never saw this before. I like it a lot, but it looks the start of something longer. Is it?

Author's Response: It was the start of something longer but frankly, I can't write a decent sex scene to save my life, so I decided to end it where it is. Plus it would get very long and I'm not very good at LONG stories. Sorry but I'm glad you liked what there is!

zenobia 2006.03.14 - 11:26AM 1: One Anonymous
well, narcissa is an oppertunist. I hope that is the correct word. she seking a new an better ally. but l liked the gap when we all waiting for the last book to come out. yours truly zenobia

Author's Response: Yes, our dear Mrs. Malfoy is scheming to get a better protector, since Lucius screwed up. That was the whole point of the story, including the rest that will never get written. Thanks for reviewing.

Apothecaria 2006.03.12 - 11:01PM 1: One Signed
What a lovely and original idea. It was as if the discovery of these unexpected socks shocked her into realising his humanity. After all he had done for her, it was the socks that did it.

Author's Response: I must admit, I love those socks. They appear in another, unfinished story because I find them such a perfect symbol. Glad you liked it.

Lady Whitehart 2006.03.12 - 04:43PM 1: One Signed
Narcissa had to admit to herself, that, in some dark corner of her mind, she had wondered what Snape concealed under his robes. Don't we all! >:D Actually I think you left it at a perfect place. Your characterizations are excellent. I loved the thoughts on socks. Not only does it show how much Dumbledore cared about Snape by making them, but how Snape's feelings about Dumbledore for actually wearing them. Great job with this, Amorette.

Author's Response: Snort. Yes, we are all robe lifters. Heehee. And yes, those socks are very much a symbol of Snape's relationship with Dumbledore. They appear in another, unfinished story of mine because I like them so much. Glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing.

memory 2006.03.09 - 05:01AM 1: One Anonymous
Greetings from Italy! I always begins my reviews telling the author I'm Italian, so she/he doesn't shriek in horror at my mistakes while writing English. I loved your story! (by the way, I read all the other 3 stories of yours, I'm a voracious reader and if I find something well promising...). I think that the socks are a nice detail, but what I enjoyed mostly was the stream of thoughts flowing in Narcissa' head. The way you portrayed Snape weakened and staggering but still emanating a sense of great power was a delight. (May be the story was appealing to my enormous maternal istinct!) Finally a Snape compliant with the "real" one in books, snappy, arrogant, but so enjoyable for this! Keep writing, hope to read more from you as good as this story.

Author's Response: Believe me, your English is MUCH better than my nonexistent Italian. (I once spoke a bit of German but that was ages ago. . .) Anyway. . .glad you enjoyed the story. I never thought I'd find myself in Narcissa's head and I'm glad you thought I did a good job while I was there. Thanks for reviewing! Amorette

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