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Reviews for Meant to be… Enemies

Owlbait 2006.03.18 - 07:45PM 3: Already In Trouble Signed
"I see. You do realize, Mr. Snape, that there are ways to solve one's problems other than resorting to the use of curses?" I can just hear McGonagall say that. Leave it to James to get into enough trouble to lose points before he's even sorted. I'd say Sev's -10 isn't going to endear him to Slytherin.

Verity Brown 2006.03.04 - 11:22PM 3: Already In Trouble Signed
"I don't approve of students who find others' punishments funny." I don't know why I love that line so much, but I do. It's so thoroughly...McGonagall.

It's kind of sad that he has to keep reminding himself that he has a friend. Poor boy!

Author's Response: He doesn't realize that girls count as friends... yet. I love McGonagall and really wanted to keep her IC.

Puffeduppopinjay 2006.03.04 - 10:03PM 3: Already In Trouble Anonymous
And the war begins. McGonagall strict but fair bless her.

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