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Reviews for Meant to be… Enemies

Verity Brown 2006.03.04 - 11:19PM 2: The Journey to Hogwarts Signed
I feel so bad for him, listening to them talk about him that way! And poor Remus--he's being bullied as much as Severus is, really. What a shame! :~(

Author's Response: I had the impression that Severus and Remus could have been friendly. Remus was just too worried about maiking friends that he just went along with everything.

Puffeduppopinjay 2006.03.04 - 09:54PM 2: The Journey to Hogwarts Anonymous
Preteen disaster at its finest! Poor kid at least he didn't chuck on her although doing so on Sirius and James would have funny. I like how wishy washy Remus tried to stick up for him. The ending with its little bit of I'm not old enough to know what romance is yet romance was so sweet.

Author's Response: Don't worry there is more preteen disaster to come. I always thought that Remus was the decent one of the bunch.

Owlbait 2006.03.04 - 08:26PM 2: The Journey to Hogwarts Signed
Sirius could probably have done with a few extra dunkings in the lake that he didn't get. The reference to Severus' old, written-in books was lovely.

Author's Response: Actually being held under until the bubbles stop would work, too. :)

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