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Reviews for Charm Away the Storm

firefly124 2006.09.08 - 08:25PM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
What a great idea, both the basic concept of the story and the ending!

greenwood 2006.08.10 - 02:24AM 7: Chapter Seven Anonymous
Wow, very interesting story and the ending was pretty thought provoking to say the least. I am sad that it is over. Great job.

TRE 2006.08.09 - 08:14PM 7: Chapter Seven Signed
Wonderful story.

greenwood 2006.08.07 - 10:50AM 6: Chapter Six Signed
Uhoh...doesn't look good for Snape now. I guess we will see what happens now that he has his wand. It is not clear that he is still on the side of light (you sort of make some illusions that he might be but you are clever not to make it obvious yet which side he is on). I look forward to the next chapter to find out if Snape is revieled to an adult and how Snape reacts. Keep it coming.

rambkowalczyk 2006.08.06 - 08:41AM 3: Chapter Three Anonymous
Just started rereading this story. It's still good.

TRE 2006.08.06 - 01:54AM 6: Chapter Six Signed
*eyes big* "Oh no...."

TRE 2006.08.06 - 01:45AM 4: Chapter Four Signed
I was laughing when he yelled at them to "shut up!". Loved that.

TRE 2006.08.06 - 01:34AM 2: Chapter Two Signed
This story is a delight. I've fallen in love with those children. As long as they keep talking I don't care if Snape wakes up. Though...it'll be interesting when he does. I want to see him interact with children under 11.

TRE 2006.08.06 - 01:18AM 1: Chapter One Signed
Wow. This is really good. You've definately got my interest.

rdb1975 2006.08.04 - 03:06PM 6: Chapter Six Anonymous
uh-oh. Run Snapey, Run!

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