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Reviews for The Curse

leahsm2 2008.07.26 - 01:15AM 1: The Curse Signed
Good Read, Professor. Explains that "Sirius Black" thing, too!

Author's Response: Hahahahaha, no, I hated him LONG before that. :P

EXECUTR 2006.03.03 - 06:20PM 1: The Curse Signed
Very interesting! Thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! =D

gabrielsangel 2006.03.03 - 09:35AM 1: The Curse Signed
No, I am not of the opinion that it is all rigt to torture people just because of what they are. But not only the Death Eaters justify their torture by saying that Muggles are different. Remember James Potter's memorable answer to Lily's question why he repeatedly harasses Snape. He does not give a satisfactory answer either. It is "just the fact that he exists". Not a good enough reason to let someone dangle upside down up in the air or send him to encounter a werewolf, is it ? As for the quote about not counting vermin: It is a direct quote from HBP. So, you see, it is what the books are all about: What influences our development, our view on ourself and on others ? As for Snape: How did he become the man he is ? What kind of man is he ? Are the "good" people really always good and the "bad" people always bad ? I guess we have to wait for the final book to find out. And as I said in my first review: Wickedly good FICTIONAL story and I hope to read the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: You're right; James was a right prat to Severus and remember how traumatized Harry was over that?

I posed the question because a number of people (myself included) had the initial reaction of "oh, well that's ok then, it's just Pettigrew". And really, it's *not* ok. I wasn't even going to post this fic at all (it really bothered me) until I realised a few other people had that same experience, and I thought: "Well, if it makes people examine their reactions...", so I did it.

As for the next chapter...I'm a little torn on that. I do have one written (and another in the works), about Snape going to Malfoy Manor, but...I'm not entirely certain that I am going to post it as a part of this story; I may make all the subsequent chapters as a different, stand-alone story, given that they don't require this chapter to make sense. And I don't want to force people to read gratuitous abuse, torture and rape if they don't want to. However, I haven't completely decided yet, hence the fic isn't marked as completed or not yet.

Decisive, aren't I? ;)

gabrielsangel 2006.03.03 - 04:08AM 1: The Curse Signed
Wicked story. I just love it, when Severus gets all nasty. As for Wormtail, "we're not counting vermin, are we?" I am really looking forward to the next chapter. Maybe Severus can get two for the price of one ? Although I think he wouldn't touch Bellatrix even with thick dragonhide gloves. So, keep up the good work and update soon.

Author's Response: Hm. Are you truly of the opinion that it is ok to torture someone because you don't like who they are, or what they represent? Because that's what the DeathEaters say about the Muggles - it's ok to torture them, because they are "less than".

Asf for Bella/Snape - moirymoe on the LJ comm _Perving4Snape_ writes some *amazing* Bella/Snape smut and that's not a pairing I would normally enjoy reading about.

Trickie Woo 2006.03.03 - 03:16AM 1: The Curse Signed
I probably shouldn't say this, I usually hate stories with violence, torture and abuse, but this was darkly funny. There were parts that had me laughing. Am I weirdly perverted? I hope not. Pettigrew actually deservered the punishment, and while the act was overtly sexual, it didn't come across to me that way. I'll check back to see what happens at Malfoy Manner with the nymphomaniac.

Author's Response: You aren't the only one that said it amused them, although I don't know which parts are the amusing bits.

As I asked another reviewer, do you truly believe it's ok to torture someone because you don't like what they represent? That is, after all, what the Death Eaters do to the Muggles...and the Muggle-borns.

I'm actually working on the "post curse removal" fic, but it will be posted separately from this one, as I can make the other fic stand without the torture. :)

Seph7 2006.03.02 - 02:21PM 1: The Curse Signed
I love the idea of Snape never being able to find sexual release! It explains why he is so uptight and wound up all the time!!! My Gods, his balls must have been the size of tennis balls!!!!

Author's Response: Heh. This *entire thing* started as an offhand joke about "well that's why he's such a sourpuss!" Heh.

How that evolved to torturing Pettigrew, I think I'd rather not examine.

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