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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light.

memory 2006.03.08 - 01:31PM 3: A Discordant Note Anonymous
Hi Magic! I just read your answer to my review of Potions Master' last chapter (by the way, when can we expect a new entry?) and I was, well, relieved to see you appreciate my being there. I like the idea to be in touch with the author, but not to be a perpetual burden. I've also read the notes in you presentation and I found some parallels. I'm older (45) but I too have one husband and two lovely kids (daughters) and a (still surviving) hamster... The only thing missing is the time to write and the perfect knowledge of the language you master so well. I'm really envious! By the way, may I ask what a PI exactly is? Sorry, this review is slightly incoherent, because it isn' t a real review, but just a friendly message. I'm glad you will post your stories here. Daughter of Light is intriguing, but I have a soft spot for Potions Master. Waiting for your reply. In case, could I e-mail directly to you? Ciao from Italy and sorry for the many mistakes, it's late in the evening and I'm still at work in the office.

Author's Response: A million apologies that it has taken me so long to get back to you. My online time has been interrupted by real life for the past week. PI is Perfect Imagination. They are a beta reading service that are affiliated to a lot of Fanfiction sites and proved beta readers who have been tested by them. Unfortunately, I have very little time to beta read any more what with Mugglenet and writing. And yes, you can email me at jan@fanfiction.mugglenet.com and if you apologise for your English again I may have to stop submitting stories. ;-) *giggles*

Elaine Lahey 2006.03.05 - 11:44PM 3: A Discordant Note Signed
I just love this story; so much in fact that I'm racing to read it all on Mugglenet fanfiction. I really like to read about Irish mythology and Maeve is an engaging OC. I would post comments on Mugglenet but I don't think I can because I don't have an account there. I hope in time you will post all of your work on Sycophant so more people can read your stories; they're quite wonderful.

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review, Elaine! I'm working on getting all of my stories up here. Once Potions Master is complete, I will be able to upload some of my one-shots too.

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