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Reviews for The Muggle

mauradergirl18 2007.08.01 - 09:18PM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
Can't wait for more!!

lunafish 2006.03.13 - 01:23PM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
I should have reviewed earlier to tell you how intrigued I am by the mystery you've given us! Morgan's reaction to Snape made me laugh--I'm hoping she'll find him more appealing later on. Damn DD, though, for keeping his own counsel as always; I want to know why he knows Morgan's name. O.k. it gives me something to think about, and now I sure can't wait to see what comes next. One last thing: my goodness, you do setting amazingly well! That's something I've never been good at, but you make me feel like I'm right in the middle of the storm with your protagonist and then with Snape as he carries her through the castle. Impressive!

Cormak 2006.03.08 - 08:19AM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
This story is off to a wonderful start. I'm curious as to how Morgan was able to see Hogwarts and enter it with her being Muggle. Also looking forward to further reaction with Snape and the other characters. Please post more soon!

vanityfair 2006.03.01 - 10:05PM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
Me gusta! Y quiero leer mas. Congratulations on your first story!

Vocalion 2006.03.01 - 01:22PM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
Impossible things are the best to believe in! I am so delighted your story is now archived at Occlumency. I've read the beginning many times, but I will be eager to see how you resolve your intricate plot. Keep on posting! :-) ~ Karina

greenwood 2006.02.28 - 05:02PM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Anonymous
Great opeining chapter! I thought Morgan's reaction was pretty real. I wonder if she thought the raven was an eagle or if you made a boo-boo there on the door knocker. I wonder why magic doesn't work on her...humm.... interesting. I would think it that would have far reaching implications. Wouldn't that mean no magic, even the killing curse, would work on her? I look forward to finding out how this is explained.

redvelvetcanopy 2006.02.28 - 03:09PM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
As for the man dressed in black, what was his name? Sven or something? I have to admit that poor Morgan's butchering of Snape's name kept me chuckling. You've set up this story quite nicely! There is quite a bit of mystery here. How DID this woman make her way to Hogwarts and overcome all the barriers to its discovery? How does Dumbledore know her? Why is she having dreams about Snape? Where is the baby that she dreamt of? Do keep posting updates, as this looks to be great!

Slytheringurl 2006.02.28 - 09:29AM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Signed
oh I love it so much, update as soon as you have the time. cheers! = )

ali1124 2006.02.28 - 09:01AM 1: The Thing That Should Not Be Anonymous
This is great! I want to keep reading and find out who she is! Nicely done!

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