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Reviews for My Snarky Valentine

tangerine dream 2011.02.20 - 05:58PM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
Still wonderful!!!

tangerine dream 2010.05.13 - 06:05PM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
Wonderfully fun and erotic smut!!

amsev 2006.08.10 - 02:02AM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
Lovely, lovely Snape/Tonks smut biscuit. Thank you!

flutterby 2006.08.07 - 10:45PM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed

malihini 2006.02.27 - 11:40PM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
This is a pairing I've never really considered, but you made them work!

Author's Response: They're fun to write. No thought makes me smile more than trying to picture these two together.

Trickie Woo 2006.02.27 - 05:07AM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
I have come to really enjoy the Snape/Tonks Relationship. I love this story, it was funny and cute. I like the way the relationship is developing, she really has softened him up. No pun intended there, but when you think about it she has softened him up in both ways. Are you going to write another one set after he buys the mirror?

Author's Response: Tricki Woo! Unccle Herriot, such a good man! Sorry, I hope you get that, because if not, you'll think I am a raving lunatic. Anyhow, yes, I think I'll probably continue this story arc with loosely related fics that can also stand on their own. I love writing these two, because as I've said before, she's young enough to still be exuberant but old enough for him to consider an equal, if there is such a thing to Severus!

Maria 2006.02.27 - 03:13AM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Your SS/NT stories are fantastic! I don't know how you manage to keep both their dialogues in character, but I swear it's like reading the books (except for the lovely smut, of course). Wow. Your muse was certainly inspired for this one! I love how slowly, over the course of these stories, Snape is beginning to enjoy her for herself, not just the great sex. Just perfect! What more can I say?

french soap 2006.02.26 - 05:11PM 1: My Snarky Valentine Signed
I absolutely love this, not only for the hot sex but for the slowly develpoing intimacy between the two. I do hope you continue on with this series.

Author's Response: Thank you! I can't quite figure out what I like so much about these two, but believe me when I say I always have fun writing them. I plan on finishing Vignettes soon and will probably add another story with this pairing. I'm hoping to have a little story arc but each story can stand alone.

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