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Reviews for Outsider

Andromache 2006.03.30 - 06:16AM 2: Part 2 Anonymous
Wow. Characterization was excellent. This is the Sev I like to see.

Author's Response: Thanks, Andromache. This was a fun one to write. I think early Snape is quite interesting and it was nice to follow through and show how his life choices affected him.

Owlbait 2006.03.01 - 09:08PM 2: Part 2 Signed
I've never heard that theory either. It has a certain draw though. Your completely out-for-himself Snape deserves to wind up with Filch for a stepdad!

Author's Response: OMG!!! You know, even though I commented on the Filch/Pince pairing at the funeral, I never connected that thought with this one. LOL Thankfully, I was not drinking anything when I read this reveiw. I thought the Pince/Prince pairing was such an intriguiing idea, I had to pull it into a fic. :)

Trickie Woo 2006.02.19 - 07:17PM 2: Part 2 Signed
I noticed the Pince=Prince as soon as he made the vow on his mother's life, and how well this carries over into some of your other stories. You leave it open, I prefer to think that after this summons he quickly chose sides and went with Dumbledore's side, the side of light. If he was to see his mother again in her true form he would have to be loyal to Dumbledore.

Author's Response: I didn't make it until it was pointed out. I felt dumb at that point, but what can you do. And yes, it does fit in with other stuff. I have more or less made one viewpoint of Severus and try to make it all mesh with that. Makes it easier for me. Though that may change. I'm itching to branch out at some point in the future. The hopeless romantic in me likes to believe he chose Dumbledore's side, too. ;)

Black Spot 2006.02.16 - 01:04PM 2: Part 2 Anonymous
I look forward to reading the rest of Thy Will Be Done. Nice dark angsty side story to it.

Author's Response: Thanks, Black Spot. Thy Will Be Done was designed as a one-shot to placate myself that Snape is Good, dammit! LOL That being said, there might be a chance down the road that I will do a Snape in the Death Eater's midst fic. I just have a few other projects to clean out before I contemplate that one. :)

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