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Reviews for Outsider

Owlbait 2006.03.01 - 08:48PM 1: Part 1 Signed
This is a plausible backstory for Snape. Not a nice person, and a very complex one, but Voldemort knows where to find people's levers.

Author's Response: Thanks, Owlbait. I thought this did a good job showing that Severus is not a nice man. Of course, there are many more holes that could be filled in. I do plan on someday filling in his schooldays, but I have so many other ideas before I get there. :)

Trickie Woo 2006.02.19 - 06:45PM 1: Part 1 Signed
You have made a good case for why he joined the Death Eaters.Obviously after he got over the shock fo seeing his father their he had no problem with getting vengence on Tobias. I wonder what he would have done if the man had been a Muggle who was unknown to him? I have another question. Although I have read HBP twice, a quick read through the day it came out and then slow and carefully to pick up any facts or clues I may have missed the first time through, I don't remember seeing what house Eileen was sorted into. Was she a Slytherin?

Author's Response: Thanks, Trickie. I thought this would be an interesting thing as I've not yet delved into his past. I don't recall Eileen's house being mentioned. I just thought that Ravenclaw might be a good fit, though I could see her being Hufflepuff, too. I don't see Slytherin, but I could be wrong. :)...As for the Muggle being anonymous, I don't think he would have taken near the amount of pleasure given how I portrayed Tobias. :D

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