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Reviews for The Chocolate Frog War

ZahariaCelestina 2006.04.04 - 03:18PM 1: The Chocolate Frog War Signed
Simply adorable! I loved the way you expressed the reasoning of 11 years old boys all the way; it was dead on! Great piece, it made me smile from beginning to end!

Riposto 2006.03.30 - 07:21AM 1: The Chocolate Frog War Signed
A very clever idea, and I liked how you portrayed the characters' personalities as they might have been at such a young age.

Meht_Prince 2006.03.15 - 03:26AM 1: The Chocolate Frog War Signed
A rather amusing tale...I'm looking forward to reading the (highly theoretical) reprocussions of Severus's final thought, at some point in the future. ((*whispers* You meant 'wear', not 'ware'.))

Black Spot 2006.02.16 - 02:41PM 1: The Chocolate Frog War Signed
Children. Children. May I remind you that you are not adults yet, and yes the world does not owe you a debt of gratitude for being born. I wish all of their battles were so 'harmless'.

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