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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Daughter of Light.

Ireth 2009.01.02 - 03:17PM 19: A Chance Discovery Signed
I absolutely agree with the previous reviewer! I don't understand why there are so few well written stories here. And, especially, why aren't they appreciated enough? Yours is definitely one of them! It's great, I just love reading it. There is no idiotic or inaccurate stuff in it, it's not superficial or too simple. It can sometimes be funny, and while you do have some insight to characters' thoughts, it can still surprise and leave your mouth hanging open! Something I really appreciate about your writing is that you can create atmosphere, and can manage quite subtly the changes in it too! I love this story so far, just keep it as smooth and natural and as fresh as you have done until now, because you've done it wonderfully! I look forward to reading the next chapter! But I'm not saying post it as soon as possible; take your time, just work on it as you want to! It will be great I'm sure! (I probably have more than a few mistakes in formulation so sorry about that...) A nice day to you!

LunaSnape 2006.05.15 - 09:09PM 19: A Chance Discovery Anonymous
Ok. I just finished reading your story and I realy like it. It has a way a suctioning the reader in and placeing said readers' feet in wet cement while taking a blowdyer to it. *heehee* I really have no idea why this fic has so little reviews. It drives me crazy how really well writen fics get no one telling them how well they did. *takes deep breath* Needless to say I want you update soon. Thank you for a great fic so far *LS*

snapehp 2006.04.20 - 07:15PM 16: Experiments Signed
Oh, nevermind, I see Arthur is not dead. I am looking forward to the next chapter!

memory 2006.04.19 - 07:06PM 15: The End of the Beginning Anonymous
Sorry, it's always me... I just noticed I forgot to tell you something about the death of the two Weasleys (but are they really really really dead? How could you? I imagine I'm too soft hearted. To write a decent story you need probably to sacrify somebody, don't you?) Anyway, I was a little bit perplexed about Ron' reactions. Isn't he too calm? I would have imagined him more vehement in his grief. Just a thought, may be I missed something. And now my really really last comment: THANK YOU for writing stories with a C rating! so that I can share them with my oldest daughter too (I can't stand anymore SexGod Severus or SexAbuser/Abused Severus! I love this character the way he has been created...) Sorry for my outburst, didn't intend to insult anybody. Again regards.

memory 2006.04.19 - 06:44PM 15: The End of the Beginning Anonymous
Hi again! I'm enjoying the story, even if the chapters come out a bit slowly for my reading speed... Anyway, I know that is impossible to accelerate the process and, on the other side, the story lasts longer. Do my sentences make sense? OK, let's go on with the review. I like the characters and I think you did a good job to keep them in canon. Sometimes anyway, I feel that perhaps Harry is too "sweet" to be a 15 years old boy (my nephew is same age and a little bit bolder, even if he is a dear boy), and sometimes also Severus is too easily showing his emotions. But I guess that it must be difficult to deal with a character like Snape, because in the books he is always scowling, barking, spitting, howling, scolding and so on. (I've learned a lot of verbs basically meaning the same concept). In the books it's quite impossible to see Snape having a normal conversation (blessed HBP, in which we find at least the meeting with Narcissa and Bellatrix and we can finally discover how is Snape when talking normally..well, normally for him, of course). These considerations apart, I do love your prose and I believe it's also helping me a lot to improve my english... well, at least I hope it. So, many thanks. I trustingly wait for the new entries, as soon as possible. Ciao!

snapehp 2006.04.18 - 06:02PM 15: The End of the Beginning Signed
I am glad to see the update! I was worried for a bit! Poor Molly, she lost her husband and son. I hope things get better for the Order. I wonder what Severus can do, since he is no longer a spy. I'm sure I will find out if I keep reading :) Great chapter and I look forward to reading more!

snapehp 2006.04.07 - 12:24AM 14: A Promise Made Signed
I just read this story tonight and I love it. This chapter actually brought tears to my eyes. I do hope you continue.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, snapehp! Don't worry, this fic is finished so you are guaranteed more chapters. You will get all 42 of them, I promise. :-)

memory 2006.04.05 - 11:07AM 12: Resurrection and Revolt Anonymous
Ciao, Magical Maeve! If you were thinking I disappeared, you were wrong. I'm still here enjoying the story meanwhile it gets more and more complicated. Many things boiling on fire, as we say in Italy. You wrote me that the "real" Maeve would have been connected to Irish mythology and, yessss, indeed she is, in a way I'd never suspect! A father like hers makes her even more powerful than Dumbledore... What a challenge for poor Severus! Looking forward to more whenever available. Tanti carissimi saluti! (best regards) Mariaemilia from Rome.

Author's Response: Yay! You're back. :-) And believe me, it gets more complicated before things start to straighten out. ;-) Maeve couldn't be more connected to myth. *giggles* As we find out later, though, it's not something she is able to wear lightly. Thanks for sticking with the story.

memory 2006.03.17 - 02:54AM 5: Moony Matters Anonymous
I'm glad to hear you are Irish! I've so many friends in Dublin. I've spent a total of 6 months there and enjoyed it a lot! I'm curious to see how you will insert the Irish mithology in the story. Once I had an Irish book about Chu Chulainn, the Leprechaun, Faeries, Banshees and other stories, but I can't imagine how would they fit here, so... waiting for your surprises, as always! About this chapter, I loved Remus and his protectiveness. I liked the idea of him being an "intelligent" wolf with human feelings, I always thought the Wolfsbane would have just kept him quiet but with a wolfish nature. So, this sounds quite interesting and I look forward to the new chapters. (And I'm not going to apologise any more for my English, promised!) Un saluto! (that is "regards" - I'm going to teach you some Italian..... No, just joking!)

Author's Response: Well, you definately get to see some Irish mythology! Maeve is a bit more connected to it than first might appear. I'm glad you are enjoying the portrayal of Remus. He's one of those characters that is a dream to write, because he does have an innate goodness, but there's always some confusion and strength beneath the surface. *Memorises Un Saluto!* *Looks forward to more Italian lessons* :-)

memory 2006.03.13 - 02:49AM 4: Doubts and Devotion. Anonymous
Charming story! It's becoming more and more intriguing, meanwhile I prepare myself to say good bye to Potions Master. I like the way you portrayed Lupin, so anxious to please and to be loved. He hasn't got Severus's strength, but I like him and his contraddictions : he is appealing so much to my (huge) maternal istinct! I'm looking forward to see how the relationship between him and Maeve is developing. Just a question: any connection of yours with Ireland? I'm asking this because I have been in dear old Dublin 5 times in my life, (where I learned my "wonderful" English), and I still love the country and its people very much. So it was a nice surprise to read that Maeve is Irish, bring me back to those happy years.

Author's Response: I am Irish, although I've lived in England since I was a child. This story stemmed from my need to 'practise' with Maeve before writing her into an original novel. And, of course, I love Irish mythology and just had to get it into the Harry Potter world. :-) One of my other readers on another site has fallen in love with Remus over the course of Daughter of Light and its sequel and I'm glad you like him too. He does feature a lot in this fic, much to Severus' disgust. :-)

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