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Reviews for Hurt

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.23 - 04:53PM 1: n/a Signed
Don't know the song, but loved your story. Thank you for sharing.

Prefiera de Gryfalco 2006.07.24 - 01:22AM 1: n/a Signed
I love the song and I had to put it on my Winamp as I read through this little ficlet. It's one of those few songs that will make the hair on my neck stand up (a few Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd songs will...but that's about it). Nicely done little fic!

Black Spot 2006.02.16 - 02:54PM 1: n/a Signed
Donít know the lyrics, but the sentiment comes through.

gabrielsangel 2006.02.14 - 03:39AM 1: n/a Signed
What a beautiful-sad story. I heard Johnny Cash's voice with "Hurt" in the back of my head while reading it. These two "Men in Black" have a lot in common with their background stories and their search for love and acceptance, although Johnny Cash has been more successful in his quest for love with finally finding June Carter. But both "walked the line" between good and bad, feel in a burning "Ring of Fire" and rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Though in Severus's case we will have to wait until book 7 to find out, what he will do, but there is still hope yet.

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