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Reviews for The Potions Master of Azkaban.

memory 2006.02.07 - 12:56PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Anonymous
Hi, I’m Italian and discovered this site only few days ago, time enough to read as many stories as possible. Yours is one of the best I’ve read till now: I like soft-hearted Katherine (that has so much force inside her) and the way you describe Snape’s reactions. Reading other stories, I’ve noticed that “the most hated Hogwart‘s Professor” has been changed many times in a more agradable person, not very likely the real one. I believe your character is more convincing, more similar to the original, even if I don’t understand why he has married... but I suppose you will give us an explanation, soon or later. So, my only suggestion could be to avoid the “sentimental trap”, that can ruin a well-built plot into a soap opera...But who am I to tell Katherine what to do? Please go on, I’m waiting for the new chapter featuring Lupin to come soon. Again, congratulations and please forgive my (bad) English. If you could read Italian, my review would be much more complete!

Author's Response: Thank you for such a kind review! And your English is very good. :-) I am so pleased you found my version of Snape convincing. He's a character I have been playing with for a few years now, and I have come to the definate conclusion that, no matter what happens, he is not suddenly going to be nice. And don't worry about the soap opera aspect -- I have an editor who has a very good eye for anything melodramatic or silly. Thank you again for the lovely review, and I hope to hear from you again over the remaining chapters!

whitehound 2006.02.05 - 05:27PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
This is an interesting story, developing well. But I feel the urge to point out that, far from there being very little to choose between wizarding and Muggle prisons, one of the striking things about the Potter books is that JK has made wizarding society enormously more cruel and socially primitive than British Muggle society. There is nothing about Azkaban which would be remotely acceptable under British law or to the British public, and British prisons do try to be humane and to be places of rehabilitation, not punishment - even if they don't always succeed.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, whitehound. On the subject of prisons, Katherine didn't actually mention she had studied UK prisons, rather prisons in general. And we all know that some of the world's prisons are hell holes that would make Azkaban look like Butlins. UK prisons are quite sophisticated in some ways, but in others they are not. Cell overcrowding and slopping out still takes place in some. There is a thriving drug culture, bullying, abuse and many prisoners make contacts within jails and come out with a better criminal education than when they went in. With a SIL who works in one and an ex-BIL who works in one, I did a little research myself before approaching that comparison. Like so many things in the Muggle world, there is a veneer of civilisation on something that essentially is not civilised by its very nature. A few TVs and gyms does not make for a humane system. I hope that goes some way to explain why Katherine makes the connection between Azkaban and Muggle jails.

Zorayas 2006.02.05 - 01:36PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
Wonderfull story, can't wait for the next chapter to come up

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Next one on its way. :-)

greenwood 2006.01.31 - 12:41AM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Anonymous
Strongly written chapter. You have all the angles well thought out and they are very, very believeable. I truly think Narcissa would never have told her about the vow if she knew there would be any chance of Snapes retrial - and rightly so. All of your explainations were spot on in that NO one would want to hear the truth anyway. The masses always want a scapegoat, always. They won't be quiet until someone "hanges" for it (even if the personis inocent). I thought your views on Dumbledore were also spot on. The "after death" hero! Don't we love it! Rereading the books again (I'm at book 5 now) has really shown that true. When Umbridge took over, the Ministry were very anti-Dumbledore with only a few who held on to the truth. It is funny how the memory changes and martyrs are formed overnight as the masses struggle to form symbols for thier fears and hopes! Well done story. I really can't wait to see more of this. You have hit on a wonderful muse!

Author's Response: Hi, greenwood and thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you picked up on a few of the things I was getting at. Many of them are apparent in our daily lives, especially with the media whipping people up. And Dumbledore certainly got a lot of bad press in the books when he did things that people didn't immediately agree with.

Aiden 2006.01.30 - 10:57PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
I like your portrayl of Narcissa, not a nice person, but able to acknowledge her debt to Snape. Well done as well was Snape's improved mood after have some books to read. I looked for your earlier fic but couldn't fine it. Is it on another site?

Author's Response: I am loving working with Narcissa. I use her a lot in my new, main chaptered fic. My other fic has a few chapters up on Lumos but I am about to delete it from there and move it here, just to make life simpler. It's up in completed form over on Mugglenet, but I will get it all up here eventually. It just may take awhile as there are 42 chapters!

Potioncat 2006.01.30 - 10:40PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
I can't wait to see where the story is going. Very good tale.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, potioncat! Glad you are enjoying it. :-)

AmandaB 2006.01.30 - 06:32PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
I like the fact that Snape is noticeably not appreciate of what Katherine is doing for him, but he does recognize that she is doing something that is not normally done. I also think that there is no way that, if he were captured, he would be released from Azkaban, since most murderers spent a lifetime there, and the trials at the Ministry seen to be quite perfunctary, or nonexistant.

Author's Response: Yes, Snape is definately not going to give her much thanks at this stage. It would be interesting to explore the state of the Ministry post-Voldemort. I can't imagine it would change much. And thanks for the review.

violetspike 2006.01.30 - 12:23PM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
"...relief from his own grief." This final line of this chapter really touched me. I feel as though it sums up the whole of Severus Snape and I wonder how it would eat someone up inside to never have relief from grief. The story is wonderful, please continue.

Author's Response: Snape is a hard character to portray when you have to involve emotion. It always has to be understated. I can definately see him suffering from grief, and in Azkaban he has little to distract him from it. Thanks again for the review! :-)

gabrielsangel 2006.01.30 - 11:50AM 5: An Interesting Conversation. Signed
Great story and a very interesting chapter. I liked Narcissa's superior demeanour and how that changed as soon as Severus was mentioned. Perhaps she feels some guilt now about forcing the vow upon him. Anyway, I think the conversation with Remus Lupin will be up next on the schedule. So, let's see, what pieces of information everyone's favourite werewolf can add to the background of Severus's story. Keep up the good work !

Author's Response: Thanks, gabrielsangel. I've been fascinated by Narcissa ever since we met her in the books, and her actions in HBP just fuelled that fascination. It wil be interesting to see how she deals with the aftermath of what Snape has done under the vow she made him take.

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