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Reviews for Moonlit Memories

JamesandLily4ever 2006.08.22 - 02:41PM 9: Chapter 9 Signed
Is the presence Remus? It makes sence, because Remus is a werewolf and she thinks that that species is very interesting... (as do I. ;) ) I'm going to read ahead to find out... ~Meli

Author's Response: By now I think you know who the presence is. :) Thank you so much for being a faithful reviewer!

krohm06 2006.03.10 - 07:58PM 9: Chapter 9 Signed
I really like your story and I think you did an exceptional job at capturing Snape's mood and his behavior around Serena. I hope Snape and Serena will have more physically contact in future chapters. (l loved the scene with Serena saying good-night to Snape when he pretends he is asleep.) I really hope you continue with your story because it is awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! There will be some physical contact between the two in the next chapter. That was one of my favorite scenes as well. :) The story is complete, I am just waiting for the process of my beta reading it and then submitting it to the mods here at Occlumency. I am glad that you are enjoying it!

Miriam 2006.01.23 - 11:41PM 9: Chapter 9 Anonymous
Wow, this was fun. I hope you plan on finishing the story. I'll go nuts if I don't read the rest. This is only the second bit of fan fiction I've read so it's hard for me to know how to rate it! But it's definitely quite good. Miriam

Author's Response: Miriam- The story is finished, it is just going through the process of being edited by my beta, read by the administrators of the site, and then finally being posted. It takes a while, but it is worth it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I truly appreciate any feedback from the readers as to what they like, what they didn't, and so forth. Thanks again! :)

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