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Reviews for The Old Walls Crumble

Elaine Lahey 2010.12.06 - 12:31PM 18: Love revealed Signed
A great story. Thanks for finishing it.

shyfoxling 2010.12.05 - 04:59AM 8: Choices of the Heart Signed
Heh, very amused by the first-footing stuff. Obviously it's his fault for being born with black hair! :) Can't say I'd mind Severus being my first-footer, especially if he had whisky cake or something in his hand.

Jong_Kahn 2010.10.06 - 12:04AM 18: Love revealed Signed
I take it this is the end of this particular story. Very well done! A chapter or so back in the author's notes there was mention of an epilogue or another chapter or two. Since it's over three years later, you should simply amend this to "completed". After all, your story is told; if you should ever wish to add more, you can make a little one- or two-shot sequel. But you did a nice job with this. I especially liked their hand-fasting ceremony. If I could give you "30", I would. Thanks for all your hard work.

Jong_Kahn 2010.09.23 - 01:45AM 8: Choices of the Heart Signed
Thanks for explaining "First Footing". I'd raad about it elsewhere before, but since this custom isn't observed (or even generally known about) in America, I didn't fully remember it. Perhaps if I were of partly Scottish descent I'd have been familiar with it. Anyway, thank you. I understand why it would be called "First Foot": in other words, the first foot over your home's doorway in the new year. But wny a dark haired man? Does anyone know? Enjoying the story. Hope you finish it someday.

johnbly341 2008.07.20 - 03:46PM 18: Love revealed Signed
Very enjoyable story! I'm not usually a big fan of "romantic Severus" but I really like your story, which is a nice mixture of drama and romance.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you enjoyed.

pudella 2007.08.20 - 10:18PM 17: Tomorrow Without Walls Signed
Lovely story, thank you for sharing it!

MithLuin 2007.07.31 - 01:14AM 17: Tomorrow Without Walls Signed
*grinning from ear to ear* A lovely ending to your story! It says something about just how much Snape has changed that he is able to propose in public like that :).

Blaccadder 2007.07.20 - 03:09PM 10: Of Myths and Magic Signed
Very nice story. I was hooked from the beginning. It keeps well to the books. My only gripe is the references to technology such as cell phones and email that didn't have widespread use in 1999 nor the sort of functions that the author implies (text messages). It's easy to forget the major leaps that mobile phones and computers have made in less than a decade.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. As to the technology - I did my homework. By 1999, cell phones had started text messaging and was in use expecially in Britain and Europe. The computer and e-mail was also being used quite widely - I know I myself was using e-mail to communicate with customers at my office. Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed. There's a bit more to come.

greenwood 2007.07.13 - 08:24PM 16: Seven Weeks and a Millenium Anonymous
Wow, this chapter really moves you through the years well. I can't wait to find out what the verdict will be for Severus. If he comes back he will still have some "wall" to face that may be very hard. Keep writing!

beeboh 2007.07.13 - 03:42PM 16: Seven Weeks and a Millenium Signed
Omg, this isn't possibly the end, is it? I've enjoyed reading this story so much! Your writing is incredible and all the plotlines and characters fall into place perfectly. It's also a generally happy story for SS, for once, although that last line leaves me wondering... I can't wait to read the next chapter! Well done on a brilliant piece again.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I'm always exited when people find what I write is worth reading. Don't worry, there's still more to come.

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