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Reviews for Silent Tears

Sieglinde 2010.03.24 - 06:44PM 1: Silent Tears Signed
Brilliant! So I'm not the only one. When I first read Billy Budd, I immediately imagined Claggart as Alan Rickman. :D He'd be a great one. There's also a wonderful opera of it, with even more subtext.

maerisan 2006.01.29 - 05:33PM 1: Silent Tears Signed

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

talloaks 2006.01.27 - 10:02AM 1: Silent Tears Signed
What an fascinating story; I enjoyed it very much. Using Melville was a touch of brilliance.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Lady Whitehart 2006.01.19 - 09:28PM 1: Silent Tears Signed
I'm ashamed to admit I never read "Billy Budd Sailor," but now I'm determined to borrow a copy from the library and read it. This was very well written and you really did an excellent job of contrasting the personalities of Harry and Snape.

Author's Response: Thank you! Melville was the favourite author of my literature professor, therefore we had to read a couple of his books. "Billy Budd" isn't my favourite, though, so I hope you won't be disappointed if you read it.

greenwood 2006.01.16 - 11:24PM 1: Silent Tears Anonymous
Very interesting storys to compair! I have not read Billy Budd but now I am very courious and may just have to look that one up! Well done indeed! Keep writing. I look forward to more stories from you.

Author's Response: I'm really sorry, but there won't be any new stories in the near future. If you'd like to read more, there are two more AU stories on my homepage (there even is a review button, LOL). Thanks a lot for your review!

whatev 2006.01.16 - 10:56PM 1: Silent Tears Signed
Wonderful storyyyyy, way to use a fresh approach. you seem very sharp on your literature.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!!!

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