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Reviews for Jehane Desrosiers, Chapter 1

keys 2013.09.16 - 12:03PM 24: Chapter 24, the Last -- Protecteur Signed
I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read, fan- or published fiction. Jehane is such a flawed person (a perfect character) and you write Severus exactly as he should be. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! I can't imagine what brought you to this story but it makes me happy that someone is enjoying it.

Where 2009.03.17 - 04:37PM 24: Chapter 24, the Last -- Protecteur Signed
Amazing. :) Thank you so much for writing it. I love the fact that this story is actually quite realistic - fanfics often tend to be all about torture, murder, raping and all that nasty stuff. Which is fine I guess, but sometimes it just goes a bit too far and starts to be a cliché. :) This one was a positive surprise for me. Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! Not all fanfics are so dark as you've experienced. Try Tea With the Black Dragon or Snape in Love, they are both lovely.

sevvy 2008.10.03 - 09:42AM 24: Chapter 24, the Last -- Protecteur Signed
I came across this story again a few days ago and have been gradually reading it in it's entirity again, having done so when I first came across this site. I cannot believe that I have never reviewed - how remiss of me! - and so have now decided to do so, especially as this was the first story I put under my heading of 'favourites'! Having now read it again, I was reminded of why I did this - and why it is probably the only story truly worthy of the rating of '10' in my opinion. It really is quite a masterpiece - a proper, true story in every sense. I don't think there is anyone else out there in fandom who can write romance (because that's what this story is) as good as you. The depth of feeling and compasion that you have put in is extraordinary; your use of the english language just amazing. I realise that this story is quite old now and no one has reviewed for quite a while so I do not know whether or not you will ever see this review but I simply had to put down in words all that I feel for this truly wonderful piece. Thank you so much for writing it - I'm glad I'm not the only sensitive soul left in the universe who appreciates the truly tender (and indeed at times highly trying and difficult) depths of real love.

Author's Response: Thank you! Occlumency sends a notice when someone reviews a story, so I did receive yours. It's so kind of you to write. It's really thrilling that one's stories live on like this; I associate JD with a particular time in my life and I'm happy to be reminded. At the moment I'm reading a very funny one called Big Name Death Eater at http://www.obscurusbooks.org/html/Shiv/BND.html. If you want a laugh, I'd recommend it.

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 11:54PM 24: Chapter 24, the Last -- Protecteur Signed
This was a good place to end it. The Snape's are confident in their relationship, their daughter and their lives. That is as happily ever after as you can get. Thank you for a lovley read.

Author's Response: It was my pleasure, dear reader. Would you rec it to The Know It Alls? I'd love to get more readers because it's so so fun to have the feedback.

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 11:08PM 19: Chapter 19 -- A Strong Potion Signed
The ballerina sheets might have been a lucky guess, but playing with ponies? You KNOW you must have a daughter yourself. I have 2. I have 2 million ponies. Im sure you understand how that happens. Give yourself a pat on the back for a most excellent witchy name "Asclepicus" Brilliant! Im tense that Severus will loose his magic. Its only happened once in all the fan fic I have read (plenty). Did you read Needfire by Bicycle Built for Two? A stunning work. But the idea of Severus as defenseless as a muggle. Well its unerving. off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, indeed, I have a daughter, but the ponies are in a box in her closet because she is 11 and mostly out of the plastic pony phase. What happy hours she had with them! We still have Polly Pockets and American Girl dolls in play, though. I think I may have gotten the lost-magic idea from an excellent unfinished fic by Fleable. In her story, if you castrate a wizard he loses his magic. Highly recommended and illustrated, too! I'm going to go look at Needfire.

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 10:52PM 18: Chapter 18 -- Brewing Signed
I think that J was the only one who could have assisted in the making of this potion. I am glad A came to find them. I giggled when I read she has ballerina sheets. I guess a little girl's love of ballet translates into the wizarding world too.

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 10:34PM 17: Chapter 17 -- Wedded Signed
I found the magic of making a cancer curing potion to be facinating. It was especially poinant that Jehane helped him balance it. If only muggles could cure cancer as well...

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 10:16PM 16: Chapter 16 -- An Unwelcome Guest Signed
Dont what? What was Jehane doing but reminding him that he has family to live for?

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 10:02PM 14: Chapter 14 -- A Welcome Visitor Signed
Wouldnt that be great if you could really legilimens an infant and get her to understand and cooperate? I hope she isnt an only child, I dont want her to be so lonley like Jehane was...

MollysSister 2007.05.06 - 09:54PM 13: Chapter 13 -- Hippogriffs in Love Signed
I like that Severus can take the time out of his busy headmaster job and do something considerate for J. she deserves to be treated well too. Very nice.

Author's Response: Thank you! He hates to be seen as sentimental, so he delivers all sentiment in a gruff, offhanded way. I think Jehane understands that.

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