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Reviews for Persuasion

DelphiPsmith 2012.05.20 - 04:07PM 1: none Signed
"...they all unfold pretty much the same way. We usually start by talking about strategy. He discusses potential scenarios for his death. I argue as to feasibility. He lectures me on the rightness of our cause and the importance of my part in it. I protest that Iím sick of the entire thing and donít really wish to play anymore. He reminds me that I have no choice but to go through with it. I get surly. He gets overbearing and authoritative. I end up doing what he wants. They all blend together after awhile. This one just seemed to hit all the high points with a trifle less bickering than most of the others, which is why I chose it.Ē - Excellent summary of probably every discussion they ever had :/

Author's Response: Thanks. I imagine there were lots f conversations that followed a similar path.

celestialrain 2008.08.02 - 09:05PM 1: none Signed
Beautiful! So very well-done. I love those missed moment one-shots. Since DH was so unfair to Snape, I'm glad to see that there are stories that take a different tack and give him the credit he was due. He suffered the most, lost everything and gained nothing. At least he was given a bit of redemption posthumously. Thanks for this story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. :)

Potioncat 2006.01.16 - 08:05AM 1: none Signed
Based on the friendly competition McGonagall and Snape have in the books, I think she would listen to him. This is a very likely event. Good story.

sinaz0211 2006.01.07 - 04:22PM 1: none Signed
I read the first part of this on the 30-min fic site, so it was fun to see your continuation. I like the idea that Albus may have left word with someone about his plan. I don't believe he forgot or ran out of time. Here's hoping you know who that someone is! Lastly, your Minerva is well-rounded - -thoughtful, accomplished, and still a friend to Severus. That's nice. Having everyone turn on him so abruptly, after so many years together, seemed at bit judgemental to me in the book...I like this Minerva better. Thank you!

Author's Response: To be fair to the Minerva in the book, she didn't seem to want to believe that Snape did what everyone said he did, but it was presented as fact so what could she do? Nevertheless, I prefer a Minerva who believes in Snape, too. :) Thanks for letting me know what you thought. I'm glad you liked the story.

greenwood 2006.01.07 - 04:11PM 1: none Anonymous
Well done indeed! Simple and yet not so far off of what just could be imagined to happen in cannon. Minerva was an extreamly good choice for you to made for Severus to try and convince as to his motives. His entry back into Hogwards was well done also. Although I would think that the School might have been warded aginst him or to signal his appearence and I would think the Minstry would have searched his quarters if not the school staff - I could suspend my doubt enough to walk into the room with Severus. Once there, your view of his room was so detailed (I loved the wardrobe description) that I was too lost in it to really care anymore. I liked the non verbal spell. I was sort of shocked that JKR introduced that so late in the series since we don't really (if you re-read the books) see that ever happening. I would have thought we might have at least suspected that it was an option before that book but no adult in the previous books ever use it! I would think non-verbal spells would make for some pretty hard to fight duels! I like your style and look forward to more of this story.

Author's Response: Thanks. I agree about the non-verbal spells. Their existence took me by surprise, too, but I think they're going to turn out to be important. This is all there will be of this story. I don't plan to continue with it any further.

Lady Whitehart 2006.01.07 - 03:53PM 1: none Signed
Here's hping that this will be a chapter in Book 7. Well done!

Author's Response: It would be nice to think things might work out for Snape. Thanks.

Kodiak1 2006.01.07 - 03:49PM 1: none Anonymous
very well considered and well presented.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

Yael Alexis 2006.01.07 - 03:42PM 1: none Signed
Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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