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Reviews for Humbug

sevfank 2010.05.29 - 09:42PM 5: A Second Chance Signed
Lovely, just lovely. thanks for writing a wonderful story!

Norbert 2006.08.06 - 12:36AM 5: A Second Chance Signed
Oh you so and so! You made me cry. OK so it's August and hotter than Hades, I thought a little Christmas cheer was in order. That was just fan-bloody-tastic! I LOVED your Snape and I giggled like a lunatic when you introduced Sirius as the Ghost of Christmas Future. The Regulus bit was wonderful too! Not a single complaint- Raves Review and Hugs from me!

winterineden 2006.05.08 - 07:21PM 5: A Second Chance Signed
Oh. My. Gawd! This was absolutely wonderful! So well written, and perfectly paced. My heart broke in all the right places, and in the end I am sitting here all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for writing this beautiful story. I am saving the link to my favorites to reread over and over. I love the "Snape is still snarky, but in love" fics. I noticed you only have two stories posted here. Do you have more posted elsewhere?

Author's Response: Hi winter, thanks for the review. I'm very glad that you enjoyed my story. I think it might be the one that I'm most proud of, so it's especially nice when other people appreciate it. I do have other stories, but since we can't cross post at the moment, you can find them at Eros & Sapphos, under this very same name.

blue artemis 2006.04.04 - 11:29PM 5: A Second Chance Signed
I really enjoyed this take on A Christmas Carol. Very well written.

Black Spot 2006.01.04 - 05:30PM 5: A Second Chance Signed
I'm glad you finished it before I turned into a pumpkin!

Sniv 2006.01.04 - 04:38PM 5: A Second Chance Signed
I just read this and was surprised just how good it was! It's been done many times but I really like how you did it. Especially with Snape joking about carrying Ginny on his shoulder etc. That made me laugh! It was very nicely done. I like the slow change and how determined Snape was at not being 'affected' by anything. Also Harry's change was an interesting thing to follow! Well done! =)

olivialynlee 2006.01.03 - 04:45PM 4: Christmas Future Signed
Wow! Such a powerful chapter. The descent of Harry into "Scroogedom" was very troubling and Severus' realization that he was the cause of it was heartbreaking. You are a wonderul writer and I am enjoying this story so much! Great job!

Ailaois 2005.12.29 - 06:32PM 2: Christmas Past Signed
Please do continue to post udpates - this is one of only a few excellently written fictions and I *really* want to see what happens next! ...Though having read Dickens waay too many times for it to be healthy, most of my guesswork has been done for me :)

Black Spot 2005.12.28 - 03:49PM 2: Christmas Past Signed
The twelve days of Christmas are running out. The present is required quickly.

Author's Response: It's complete now Black Spot--on the tenth day of Christmas (Lords a-leapin', I think). Hope you enjoy it!

Black Spot 2005.12.28 - 11:47AM 1: Visitations Signed
You said it was completed! Bah! Hurry up Christmas is nearly over and then the magic will be gone.

Author's Response: Sorry! I didn't know it was posted on Occlumency yet. I've set it to NO, the story is complete though, it's just posting a chapter at time. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

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